Ireland Putting Quarantine Restrictions

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Ireland is planning to strengthen its 14 days quarantine measures at airports on people coming from abroad. The tourism minister took this decision on Monday as the country’s opposition politicians and tourism operators were condemning that visitors are not following this restriction.

The country put this rule in place in April, and from late May. In which the travelers coming to Ireland will have to provide the address where they will be staying for self-isolation. But now it plans to move to an electronic system capturing data from airlines and ferry operators shortly. As many people were not complying with this rule.

Many restaurants, hotels, and pub owners wrote on Twitter that when they came to know that customers from the United States did not quarantine for 14 days they turned them down. A tour guide also tweeted that she canceled a booking for the same reason.

“The cabinet will be discussing measures this week that may be needed. Such as strengthening measures at airports, ahead of issuing a possible green list of countries,” Tourism Minister Catherine Martin, said.

However, she added, “I think there’s work to be done.”

No Quarantine List

The country plans to make a list of countries that will be included in the green list. And the visitors from these countries will not have to quarantine for 14 days.

But there will be only a few countries mentioned in that list. And it will be decided according to the number of new coronavirus cases. The trend, and quality of testing and tracing in qualifying countries. However, Ireland will publish this list of countries on July 20.

With some 4,000 daily passengers arriving at Dublin airport last week after 1,200 the previous week. The government also plans to ramp up its call-back and symptom-checking services.

“It’s a really dangerous situation because that system does not distinguish between safe countries and countries like the U.S” Róisín Shortall, leader of the small Social Democrats party, said, referring to the operation of the quarantine system.

This kind of loose arrangement, she said, was “putting all our hard work at risk.”

Irish prime minister Micheal Martin said his administration will discuss international travel further this week. Including whether to strengthen resources at airports.

“We would be very cautious on international travel generally,” he said.

“On 20 July we will announce our measures in relation to international travel. And essentially we have developed a methodology somewhat similar to the European Union and its relation with third countries. Essentially, the methodology will be in relation to the level of the disease in particular countries. Including the UK, countries that are at Ireland’s level or below.”

“In terms of people coming to Ireland, the advisory and the quarantining still remains and it’s under constant review.”

“Why? Because there’s a lot of international volatility with this virus, we’ve seen a spike in numbers. We’re very concerned about that.”

So far, Ireland has recorded a total of 1,746 coronavirus-related deaths. And it has the overall number of COVID-19 cases standing at 25,611.

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