International Tourism affected by Covid-19

International tourism

The year 2020 started with a bang. However, very soon people realized that one big country in the world has a death toll rising. Soon the Chinese New Year came and many people took international flights to meet their loved ones.

In that one week, the world realized that the death toll was rising due to the endemic flu. The country where it all began was China. They did a lot to contain it. But, it was impossible. By the time, people were going back from China to their workplace countries many of them were infected yet not symptomatic.

Trade and business also played a role in the proliferation of this virus. By the end of February Europe was crippled by Covid-19. Even now in June, there is no vaccine ready to combat the virus.

Summer travel sadness

The world is fighting a pandemic at the moment. This means that due to critical status many things and activities have been pushed down.

 According to the World Tourism Organization (UNWTO), international tourist arrivals could decline by 20 percent to 30 percent in 2020. This number in economical terms is losses of $300-450 billion in international tourism.

A few important reasons that lead to a decline in tourism are

  • Decline in incomes
  • Decline in air travel options due to airlines rules
  • Lack of medical facilities in host countries
  • Medical insurance for Covid-19 has different features
  • A looming recession

Covid-19 has hurt tourism in the gut of the governments. Unemployment statistics are the highest. Thus, the industries that directly form a part of tourism have taken this shock the most

Hotels and hospitality business

Airbnb, hotels friendly guest houses all are a part of this business. Their incomes declined rapidly. Only the global hotel industry was worth 600.49 billion U.S. dollars in 2018. This figure is not complete. As, this does not include minor motels, hostels, and lodges. Thus it gives an idea of how big this business is. Street food and other food options are a part of the chain that got adversely affected by it.

Foreign Exchange depletion

Each country in the world thrives on exports. The surplus of exports makes it stronger. Tourism is another form of export. You sell your luxury and beauty to earn foreign currency. However, this year tourism hit the bottom.

Consequently, this decreased the foreign exchange reserve. This has led to plenty of lay-offs and business closures in different capacities.

Aviation and airlines

The size of the aviation industry is humongous. In the year 2019, only commercial airlines generated combined revenue of around 838 billion U.S. dollars.

The effect of Covid-19 trickled down on

  • Pilots
  • Cabin crew and stewards
  • Cleaners and technicians
  • Permanent employees at the airport
  • Ticket agencies
  • Food and drinks at airports
  • Car parking personnel

The aviation sector has around 10.3 million jobs worldwide. This means 60% of employment in the aviation sector is generated on the ground. The effect of the pandemic has gone to countless lives and households.

In such a scenario, embracing change is the best way out. People, countries, and airlines should sit and devise a better strategy to bring the economies at a better spot.

First world countries have given relief to their airlines, hotels, and tourism labor market. However, less developed countries are bearing the brunt in the worst fashion.

The future policies in making

Most countries are now working for the future. Their main aim is to safeguard their tourism and people in the field. This means that all countries have to work on the below items effectively

  • Working on immense hygiene and cleanliness from airlines to hotels.
  • Establishing secure tourist protection, health, and quarantine facility.
  • Offering repatriation assistance in case of emergency.
  • Create an efficient and uniform SOP for all sectors.

The world has been in lockdown. Thus making it a safe spot for travelers needs a lot of working and creative policy changes from all sectors.

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