Indonesia – Asia’s black horse

Explore Indonesia

Countries in Asia are mostly in their developing stages. They are struggling to have more educated people in their population as well as trying to make their GDP’s better. Indonesia is also one such country. The multi-faceted country has a lot to offer.

It has more than 17000 islands clustered together. The climate is hot, rainy and at times volcanic! It is a true spot for adventure seekers. However, with time it has shrunken its popularity to Bali only. No doubt Bali is beautiful and a romantic getaway spot. But this country has a lot to offer more than Bali. They have beaches, jungles, volcanoes, and mountains all waiting to be explored.

There are a few things one must remember about Indonesia

  • The weather is mostly hot or rainy so pack accordingly.
  • Haggling is an art best practiced here from small handicraft shops to motorbike taxis
  • Be mindful of the culture and show respect

We have picked very few destinations for you that you must visit.


This is the center of business, trade, and culture. It is the most populous island in the world and has the maximum number of Indonesians residing here. It is a mass of land between Sumatra and Bali.  The nation’s capital is full of thriving young people and plenty of shopping options.

Other than Jakarta you can visit  Yogyakarta where you can experience the Batik art, the ballet of folklores, cycle through the rice fields, and see sleeping volcanoes and be awestruck.

Do not miss the largest Buddhist temple Borobodur- this is all about history. Java has beauty, shopping history all for you.

Seloliman Nature Reserve, Mount Bromo, Sempu Island, and Kalibaru coffee plantations are all that you must experience in Java.



This is the place for people who love adventure and thrills in life. Sumatra is home to a variety of animals and lush unending green forests with exotic species. It is the largest island in Indonesia.  In search of nature’s best rain forests or looking for orangutan, you can go to Gunung Leuser National Park for all of such sights.

Do not ever make the mistake of not seeing Lake Toba. This lake is the deepest in the world and surrounded by so much beauty that you cannot unsee it.  Sipiso-Piso Waterfall is the highest waterfall in Indonesia. 

Indonesia’s highest waterfall, Sipiso-Piso is another otherworldly natural wonder. The water drops 120 meters from a cave in the side of the Lake Toba Caldera.



This place is beautiful to say the leats and sound completely cliché. This place is still untouched by the shine and glimmer of the outer world. So be ready to find a couple of amenities short. But that is equally fulfilling as the view, beaches, and volcanoes are breathtaking. You can learn a thing or two from the villagers and impress your friends back home too.  


Komodo is famous for the Komodo National Park. Here you might not see a dragon but a man-eating lizard called  Komodo Dragon – a reptile is scary enough to make you run or stop in fear.


Lombok is the second most famous spot after Bali. It is famous for its Gili islands. This place is a super safe zone for party lovers and backpackers. Young couples and college students love it. The party stuff and drinks here on weekdays are also a real magnet for these people.

You can also do the healthy exploration of Mount Rinjani. The trek and camping at this mount are scenic and the view is breathtaking.

In Lombok make sure to learn the real practices of villages and visit Tetebatu village as well.  Do not forget to snorkel, dive, or paddleboard, and be the water baby that you are!


Bali is one famous spot in Asia for honeymooners. This place is a poster picture to be used by all new couples that want to experience their love in a lush scenic environment.  

The population here is supremely tolerant so without any worries, you can go to all spas, resorts, and retreats with no worries you can enjoy the cycling, Kuta’s insane nightlife. The yoga retreats and spas are a must experience. Make sure that you view all the volcanoes and surf along the sea.

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