Immunity Passports – A mystery for travelers

United States Passport

Travel has changed its meaning in the past five decades. The ship travels easily replaced by air and the road system was one such change. However, slowly rules and protocols became different rather tougher. Country rules, diplomatic relations, and economic ties all became measures of easy travel.

Travel is also a source of livelihood for hosting countries. As a result, many countries have GDP’s inflated with their tourism contribution.

Covid-19 immunity is still under research

It is under research that Covid-19 immunity lies in the presence of antibodies. Generally, people affected by Covid-19 may produce antibodies in their system post-recovery. But, this is still under study. As people can get infected the second time.

However, this antibody production process may take weeks. As the antibodies are created in the system once the pathogen is defeated. Above all, not enough testing is done to assess the number of people with antibodies to fight Covid -19.

Immunity- The elixir

At present, there is no vaccine. So, the next best thing to that is a great immunity. Countries, analysts, and researchers are so far on the same pitch. Interestingly, an Airbnb host added to his profile Ïmmune Host.” He said that people would rather choose to stay at a place where the person has antibodies.

This suggests how sellers, businessmen generally think. Getting in the minds of buyers and traveller and relaxing their fears.

Old wine in a new bottle

The whole world has been wondering how to kickstart the economies. Right from discount vouchers to half-payments by destinations, there are many tricks.

Before anyone thinks this is something never done before and accepting it will be difficult a look into the past will help us all. Medical scrutiny has been a stepping stone in the history of making passports. Have a read below to know how it all started.

  • Prior to world war one, there was no essential passport concept.
  • Upon the end of the war, a treaty was being made to establish pre-war conditions.
  • The insane death toll of Spanish Flu led the policymakers to think of national and health security.
  • One thing led to another and finally, a document call passport was made.
  • By the mid-1920s adding a page of a general medical certificate was also proposed by many.
  • Many ideas were discarded in the process.
  • But, the passport we hold today is a product of the then pandemic.

What was discarded a 100 years back is probably making a comeback now. People like before were scared. The fear now is the same. Countries have closed borders, opened with caution, and scanning patients to ensure national health levels.

Immunity identity already in the process

In the US, hotels, businesses are already working in a model that copies an immunity passport. Firstly, an immune person can offer or gain jobs in places where Covid-19 free people are required.

  • an old age home
  • a food packaging job
  • Hotel industry

There are many options for stronger immunity ones. Interestingly, a hotel booking app Sidehide and verification company Onfido are working on the same concept. They are developing an immunity passport for hotels – set to launch in Miami this month.

This brings us to the point where we assess whether it is a good idea or not. In such critical times, embracing a new change is very difficult. to top it all, a tool that may put you down the list is never a good change. People are fearing the idea as they might not be attaining that level of immunity.

Mammoth testing

In order to grant the immunity passport people have to be tested. Presently US public-health laboratories have performed more than 12 million diagnostic tests. Thes tests equate to 3% of the total US population.

This implies that the kind of testing we are looking at is huge. This is possible once Covid-19 has declined really low. Such a scale of testing will be difficult to achieve.

Few people with high immunity

The recovery rate of a few locations from Germany and the USA is between 14% and 30%. This is alarming. The sample size versus the full population raises a red flag. Most people will not have the level of immunity required.

This will lead to fewer workers, travelers, or helpers in society. In short, boosting the economy, increasing travel won’t be a possibility.

Monitor your people

China has already done this. Many locations scanned people based on their phone QR codes. These codes allowed entrance on the basis of the individual’s COVID-19 health status. This is scary for many. This fact also gives rise to the issue of privacy. Uk and the US are already in the final phases of releasing these apps for their people.

however, the residents are reluctant. firstly, this will reveal their travel and contact details. Secondly, one feels suffocated when all their movements are tracked. The people have been voicing concerns over unethical technology usage for medical reasons.

Us versus Them

The fight between the haves and have not will see a new face. this time, it will not be about riches. This we’ll be about the immunity.

At a closer look, countries with low immunity or no immunity passport system will not have a flourishing travel industry. Jobs and houses will be given to the immunity holders. The strata divide was already huge based on color and religion. But now, the immunity has come to play a part in it.

All said and done, we must see that our moves are socially justified. Dividing people based on their biological data can lead to trouble. As many are saying this measure is temporary for the Covid-19 wave. We have a history that shows how things are normalized. The case in point is the passport document.

In third world countries, people hide their illness as they consider it a stigma. This is something one must ponder while implementing the immunity passport idea at a global level.

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