How to travel safely in the Pandemic?

Covid-19 traveling

The whole world is managing their routines, plans, and lives around a new way of living. The pandemic has been a long unwanted guest in our lives. It has been a year of it. Therefore, in the past twelve months, we have learned a lot about traveling safely with Covid-19 upon us.

We have a lot of questions coming from people on this topic. So we spoke at length with our team and came up with certain valuable suggestions.

Travel /Medical insurance

A seasoned traveler knows the worth of this. However, if you are not that kind of a traveler then do not worry. However, at this time you have to have travel insurance for unprecedented times. God only knows how much we hate this word now. Nevertheless, this is vital for the travel plans during Covid-19.

Covid-19 News

Keep a look at Covid news in your country as well as the destination country. Do not plan until you have good statistical news of the present as well as predicted figures during your travel days.

Smart bookings

Look for bookings that can be canceled at the last minute. Yes, without penalty. Although, most travel and tourism-related businesses have finished their cancellation charges in the pandemic. However, do not take chances. Make bookings with airlines, hotels, and services that do not cause damage to your wallets.

Travel by Car

In case you can travel by road. It is the safest option. For instance, you can take a longer road trip. Consequently, this might bring you to the decision of staying at a motel or hotel. However, most options like these or Airbnbs have been following sterilization and sanitation protocols at the highest levels.

We recommend going in car as it can be easily disinfected and give you more peace of mind.

Evaluate your bucket list again

This year if you have to take that ‘break’ then be sensible. Make sure that your places to see and things to do are not unhealthy for you. Avoid closed spaces such as musical gigs, museums, etc. try something new such as hiking, camping, or sightseeing at lesser rush hours. This will help you maintain social distance.

Discover domestic places

In case you love learning about new places then how about starting from your own home. Discover things about the cities closest to your home town. You never know which jewel have you been ignoring since forever.

Follow rules

This is one major step in making your travel safe. Always follow rules. It might make your queue seem unending or the PCR testing wasteful. However, in reality, it is a great advantage and keeps the traveler safe.

Travel light

Carry necessary items of clothing and other goods. As more luggage means more disinfection and chances of infection. So keep your needs minimal.


Be kind and get yourself tested, before and after the flight. This will not only keep you at peace. But also, minimize the chances of passing on the virus to anyone.

Masks and gloves

The year 2020 brought a mask as the biggest trend. Maintain the mask because wearing it is caring for others. Try to wash hands when and where possible. Carry a sanitizer and tissues as well.

More importantly, toilets pass on a variety of germs. Therefore, make sure to clean the pot before using it.

Fall back plan

No matter how cool the plan seems. We all know till there is not a vaccine or pill for Covid-19 things can flare-up. So make sure that you have a contingency plan in place. In case, of change of government rules or destination country situation, you must be calm and with a plan.

Always have options of other flights, hotels and locations for your emergency plan.

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