How to save money while booking a trip

Travel budgeting

Travel booking is an art.  This includes hotels, flights, and other deals. Here we have a few tricks up our sleeve that our contributing writers swear by. Their occasional travel and trials have given us a gospel of travel booking hacks that help you save a few extra bucks every time.

Booking days and times

Even though you may think that booking rates are the same all day, the truth is they change. As business travelers normally get their bookings sorted via their subordinates in the early part of the day. Therefore, pieces come down when demand for bookings is down.

Book Tuesdays for flying, as they are the least popular days for travel. While Fridays are the most expensive. Another travel nugget, night flights are cheaper than daytime flights so choose a cheaper rate by flying at night.

Booking algorathims and websites

First of all, technology aids the buyer and the seller. Many websites, alter and increase prices for the buyer by checking on the number of times the same browser is used to reach the website. So always clear history or use incognito window.

Try less popular or upcoming new websites for tickets. The famous ones do not offer as big a discount as the budding ones.

Subscribe for travel news and discounts

You may hate the avalanche of emails in your inbox but the fact is that sometimes the window of booking may be small, the opportunity amazing and you might be saving big bucks. So what do you do, subscribe?

Our friend Josh shared his super story like this “ it was just another day after winning a great pitch meeting, and I was sure that the year is going to end in the same country. Little did I know my boredom led registration would do wonders for me. My annual leave was ample and the opportunity for a Europe plan was super, considering I wanted to see the snowfall in France with my partner. We had a blast exploring Europe together at a fraction of a price”

Exchange currency earlier

Debit cards and credit cards bring their own benefits to you. However, if you get the destination currency converted at home, you will be more vigilant in spending. Also, the conversion gives you an exact idea even before leaving as to how much money you have used for the travel, and there is no need for account statements to come to post-travel.

8 week rule

If you have a trip planned six months later, look and book for the ticket eight weeks prior to it. The whole industry works in a fashion where the prices are reasonable 8 weeks before the flight and slowly the prices start getting steeper. Sometimes, in the last few days the ticket prices, sometimes decline. This is also a great opportunity to buy a ticket. However, this happens rarely.

House- sitting gives a free accommodation

Forget the hotels, get the raw real experience with house sitting. One can easily stay at a trusted house, that can be found on the website. The house owners give their house for accommodation to people in exchange for care of the house or a pet, in case there is one.

One is free to cook and eat but not make a mess and not try to open locked up spaces.

Accomodation choices

In case, you do not want to house-sit and are looking for some more convenience. Then opt for couch surfing or Airbnb. You have better privacy and more fun at lesser prices.  Again, using platform websites that can compare options will process the best-suited accommodation option for you.

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