How to change or cancel your travel plans

Cancel your bookings

Cancelling or change of travel plans is a total new ball game in the year 2020. This year, the world saw a pandemic rise and consume everything. People previously had a very different idea of cancellation and changes of plans. But in the wave of Covid-19 a lot of catalysts come into play.

Country rules, airlines, and hotels all changed their modus operandi. Slowly, we saw many angry travelers complaining of their plans being canceled with little or no refunds.

However, now post the first wave of the Corona period we have a few learning, changes, and new ways of managing altered travel plans.

Since change is of two kinds

  1. Change due to traveler’s own reasons
  2. Change stemming from environment and service provider

For the former, the policies or rules are not extremely favorable, but for the latter things can be worked upon. If you follow a few suggestions from us things can be worked upon

Reach them directly

In case you have used a third party booking platform for let’s say an air ticket. The thing about their return policy is as good or as bad as the real service provider. This could be a hotel, airplane, or some sort of taxi/ bus service. All of such services, when booked via third party platform, can only be fixed by reaching the source provider.

So in case of cancellation, attach due evidence such as a newspaper or embassy email and share with the source.  In case, of a third party platform check the individual policies for each airline and hotel and then proceed.

In case, the flight or booking is canceled by the other side, which is hotel or airline – you should not worry as it will be reimbursed. Lastly, at times credit cards offer a certain cushion for cancellation protection.

Exchange of credit offers and extensions

If the company, either the airline or hotel service is accommodating you with future credit service then accept it. Tough times give us better solutions so opt for those solutions. In case of cancellations that are unavoidable, this is one way of making a commitment and promising to honor it. Such a scenario reduces the financial burden and ensures a future vacation.

Pick bundles

The bundles have more customized options available amidst the pandemic. Each value offered also shows the cancellation policy or replaced value credits that can be utilized later. Also, a bundle picked ensures that you become a priority use for the service provider. Therefore, they will keep you on top while closing the case in an episode of cancelations of any sort.

Travel Insurance

This is the best tool that one may use while canceling the trip. However, it is not valid in all cases. For instance, missing the whole trip is not an insulated option. However, any catastrophe, last minute health issue or some violent element that causes change of travel plan can be insulated via travel insurance.

This is one factor many hippie travelers and new wanderers do not take note of.

However, when an unprecedented event happens, this insurance shield protects the user. Therefore, cancellations and change of plans are much easier when made due to a solid strong reason covered via insurance.

The bottom line is that plans canceled due to reasons that are more global rather than personal can easily be changed. This must be understood as travel and tourism is an industry one booking lost also means the opportunity cost is lost as well. This means the business chain loses out on its income. Therefore, any cancellation done should be made with valid reasons so that one can be entertained by the source provider.

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