Hotels Taking Measures to Welcome Customers Back

Staying at hotels

Hotels around the world are refurbishing there housekeeping and cleaning measures. They are doing so, to gain back the confidence of customers and bring the customers back in the hotel rooms. But it will take time to recover back and to gain the confidence of the customers.

Sanitation and Hygiene Strategies

To attract customers to hotels, many international hotels announced their guidelines for hygiene and cleaning. Marriott International released its details for sanitation and hygiene. Similarly, Hyatt and Hilton also announced their new cleaning protocols for their hotels around the world. 

Hilton Partnership with RB, the maker of Lysol and Dettol. They also partnered with the Mayo Clinic, to formulate new cleaning techniques of disinfecting most touched areas. Such as door handles, light switches, thermostats, and TV remote controls. 

Whereas, Hyatt has done a partnership with the Global Biorisk Advisory council, to obtain a new cleaning procedure and an accreditation program. 

Any material or services that the customers will come in contact with, will be not placed in the hotel. Items such as pens, paper, and guest directories will be removed. There will be frequent cleaning of public areas, lobbies, and fitness centers

Hotels Opting For New Technologies

Hilton is planning to go tech-pro. It will be providing the customers with a contactless key service. The customers can use the Hilton mobile app from their smartphone. and check-in the hotel, choose their own room, and gain access to all facilities. 

Hyatt hotels around the world will have a Hygiene Manager from September, who will be responsible for maintaining cleaning standards. The hotel will follow social distancing in public spaces. Staff will get training, the hotel is enhancing its cleaning protocols and food safety will be a priority. 

In addition, Marriot International says that new high-tech sanitation strategies would be introduced. This will include the use of electrostatic sprayers and hospital-grade disinfectants. The company will also test the use of ultraviolet technology to sanitize keys and devices shared by hotel staff. 

Pandemic Outbreak

The hospitality industry is majorly hit by the pandemic, as there are no tourists and traveling bans in many countries. And it will take a lot of time for the hotels to recover the losses. As most of the people have rescheduled or canceled their traveling plans and reservations, the hotels are less crowded. 

This industry has seen many crises in the past. Such as 9/11, SARS, and the 2008 financial crisis. But this one has caused the most damage to the hospitality industry. 

Because of this pandemic, many hotels have laid off their employees. and some have reduced the working hours of employees which results in less hourly wages. 

Hotels are reducing costs, as revenues are very low and taking every step to survive this difficult time of the pandemic. 

After the travel bans are lifted, many hotels will give promotional discounts to attract more customers in order to recover the loss caused during this time. 

Still, the hotel management will have to work on the policies and guidelines to make it seem safer for the customers to stay at the hotel. They will have to win back the customer’s confidence.

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