Hotels after Coronavirus – Things you may not see again

Hotels after Coronavirus

The world is hit by the coronavirus pandemic and we all are taking the pain. All the businesses are suffering a loss and trying to cope up with the situation. Where all the businesses are looking for ways to overcome the crisis so is the hotel industry. The hospitality industry is hit really hard by the coronavirus, as there is no tourism.

Almost all the hotels have lost their booking and the decline in tourism is taking the most adverse toll ever. Because of this coronavirus pandemic, many hotels have laid off their employees. Some have reduced the working hours of employees which results in less hourly wages.

The Customer Confidence

As most of the people have rescheduled or canceled their traveling plans and reservations the hotels are less crowded. Once we get past the restrictions the hotel management will have to work on the policies and guidelines to make it seem safer for the customers to stay at the hotel. They will have to win back the customer’s confidence.

Cleaning Protocols

There will be a lot of new things when we next make a room reservation. Hotels will focus more on cleaning; there will be staff cleaning the lobby area, the handles, the lift buttons, and the staircase every now and then.

Hand Sanitizers

Hotels will provide hand sanitizers to customers when they arrive at the hotel and hand sanitizers will be placed in the lobbies and check-in desks to sanitize hands. There will be no seats near the check-in counters to practice social distancing, and it will be mandatory for the staff to wear facemasks.

Promotional Discounts

Many hotels will give promotional discounts. This will attract more customers in order to recover the loss caused during this time. Hotels will experience customers who will question a lot of things. Therefore, according to the new normal, you will witness the hotel staff with masks. Less furniture in the lobby creating fewer touchpoints for the guests. Some hotels will keep rooms free for 24 hours before the new guest’s check-in.

But it will take a lot of time and marketing efforts for the hotels to recover back and to gain the confidence of the customers.

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