Hot Spots of Paris That Movie Buffs Love To Visit

Famous French sites

The pandemic has taken the world down. COVID changed or postponed travel plans worldwide. Amidst all of this, we saw a show on Netflix that has given us serious French love all over again.

As I sat down to watch Emily in Paris, not only I wanted to explore this country again but I vowed to actually take more pictures the next time.  The protagonist of Emily in Paris show said that Paris is made in circles to confuse people. However, I find the chaos of Paris immensely mesmerizing.

This binge-watching led me to find out more about the iconic places in France that have become a favorite with many tourists. Therefore, eventually, it leads to a higher footfall of tourists.


The world’s largest art museum is a definite place for tourists to visit. However, thanks to cinema and TV the museum got another wave of people coming in – these people were the lovers of movies. Many times, they travel because some story inspires them.

Many Dan Brown lovers in the world visited France to see the places personally. In particular, Louvre to see the paintings and be at the spots where all scenes were shot. The glass pyramid is another stellar piece that has been the backdrop of many movies and TV series as well.


People who love to see bridges must see this place. We chose Bir- Hakeim as a very hit movie was shot here.  The two-level metal bridge was used as a perfect symbol to explain the role of the mind in making dreams.

The bonus point is the beautiful Eiffel Tower, which can be seen when one is under the bridge. Go and recreate the moment of romance that the movie Inception showed to the audiences.


 Montmartre is officially a historic district of Paris. Many movies and books have been set here. Also, there is minimum development work done to change the look of the area. Therefore there are many locations that one has seen in numerous movies.  Be it the windmill, carousel or the very narrow streets of the old Paris that one has read about so fondly.

Relive the love of Paris and your favorite characters by posing in the area. You can check out the Sacré-Coeur or eat something really amazing from the café where Amélie was shot.  Cafe des Deux Moulins is the place for you to see the real restaurant.

There are plenty of sights in the area, make sure you do get to see the epic Moulin Rouge for the ultimate Parisian feeling that you want to cherish forever.

 Place de la Concorde

Make your statement, at the twin fountains, La Fontaine des Fleuves and la Fontaine des Mers. You may not be in your fashion show clothes or ready to ditch your phone in the fountain. However, plenty of people throng this place for its historical significance as well as taking plenty of Insta worthy pictures to show where Meryl Streep lost her minion.

Church of Saint-Étienne-du-Mont 

Woody Allen is a name with countless fans. One of his movies has played a pivotal role in promoting tourism in France. Many fans of art, literature, and movies all were going crazy to visit the city that has been home to great writers.

An important scene of the protagonist about time travel was shot at the steps of this church. Many tourists are seen sitting on the stairs and getting their pictures shot to recreate the same vibe.

Coulée verte René-Dumont

A secret park that most Parisians and movie buffs know about!

This park has a romantic history of coming to life at an old deserted train track.  A romantic trilogy from Hollywood had some really romantic and thoughtful scenes shot here for the fans of true love and strong connections.

There have been many more movie scenes, shot in beautiful France. Plenty of TV shows such as Sex and the city as well had its fair share of Parisian fun.  Eventually, life imitates art and thus many travelers like to imitate what they see on the big screen in a cinema. So, next time when you watch a movie, do pay extra attention to the locations. So you can add it to your bucket list, in case it really inspires you.

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