Hong Kong & Singapore – Deal for the air travel bubble

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Two major business and flight hubs of Asia have formed an air travel bubble. The pandemic has taken the world down for almost eleven months.  Consequently, the business, aviation, and travel industry have crumbled as well.

However, now countries are trying to resuscitate their travel routes for the people. Nonetheless, safety is their topmost concern. Therefore, most countries have started with travel bubbles. The latest in this list is the travel bubble of Singapore with Hong Kong.

This deal begins from 22nd November as decided by the Hong Kong Tourism Board and Singapore Tourism Board.

The key deciding factors

  • Anybody who has been in either Singapore or Hong Kong for the previous fortnight can be part of the travel bubble.
  • Travelers from Hong Kong have to apply for an Air Travel Pass with a range of 7-30 days, prior to their date of entry in Singapore.
  • Work permit holders and S Pass holders in the construction, marine shipyard, or process sectors cannot be a part of this deal.
  • 72 hours prior to departure covid tests will be taken. If the traveler ends up covid positive after the flight, then they have to bear the full medical cost for their treatment.
  • People flying from Singapore will be tested in Singapore before boarding the plane, in Hong Kong upon arrival, and lastly when they come back to Singapore.

The Prime Minister of Singapore,  Lee Hsien Loong was positive with the arrangement and said, “We are proceeding cautiously, but if the arrangement is successful and the pandemic continues to stay under control on both sides, we can look forward to expanding the bubble to more flights, and hopefully, to more destinations as well.”

Flights and bookings

The initial days will have one flight per day. Also, the passenger limit will be a maximum of 200 fliers. However, the most positive observation is that ticket prices have risen for the same flights of the travel bubble. This shows that people are willing to take the leap of faith and start flying again. This also indicates faith in the leadership of both countries.

The fact that stock prices of the fliers of this travel bubble have also soared is positive news. The aviation industry is also eyeing this deal as good news for overall markets. Conrad Clifford, the International Air Transport Association’s Regional Vice President said, “We look forward to seeing Hong Kong and Singapore expand this arrangement with other destinations, and for other governments to adopt a similar approach.”

With a lot of hope people are rooting for this travel bubble. They believe that travel, trade, and tourism will be augmented with this travel bubble.

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