Hong Kong Disneyland Closing Again

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Disneyland in Hing Kong is closing its gates as advised by the government due to a surge in coronavirus cases. 

However, it reopened on June 18 but is closing down as the country is going to follow strict social distancing measures. The number of new cases has increased to 52. 

“As required by the government and health authorities in line with prevention efforts taking place across Hong Kong, Hong Kong Disneyland park will temporarily close from July 15,” a Disney spokesperson said.

The hotels at the Hong Kong Disneyland resort will remain open with “adjusted levels of services,” according to the spokesperson.

“They have put in place enhanced health and safety measures that reflect the guidance of health and government authorities. Such as social distancing measures and increased cleaning and sanitization,” the statement read.

Profits Going Down 

The company gets most of its business from Disney’s parks and its resorts. However, the unit brought in more than $26 billion in fiscal 2019. But due to the pandemic, its profits are going down. They declined by 58% as compared to last year.

The company had to shut again its Hong Kong Disneyland soon after it reopened its most important resort, Walt Disney World.

Reopening Other Parks 

Disney World (California) is reopening its Magic Kingdom and Animal kingdom parks in phases over the weekend. However, on July 15, it will reopen its other two parks, EPCOT and Hollywood Studios. Disney is implementing several health and safety measures to reopen safely.

Josh D’Amaro who is the new chairman of Disney Parks, Experiences and Products says it is safe to visit the resort as they are ensuring all safety measures.

“We are in a new normal,” said. “The world is a different place, but we feel really prepared to operate in this new environment.”

Disney Employees Urges to Close the Resort 

However, the resorts located in Orlando, Florida reopened on Saturday even though the cases in the state are increasing daily.

However, the employees are asking the company to delay the reopening as the number of cases is increasing. The head of the union representing Disney World’s service workers to warn that Disney has to get it right in terms of the reopening.

“To me, the risk is not just a potential outbreak at the parks. But it’s the quick evolution of the virus,” Miller said. “Even if Disney has done everything possible to combat the spread of the virus. As it seems it has, how do you plan for something that seemingly changes every day?”

But Disney is focusing on ensuring all kinds of safety measures. As it cares about its employees and guests.

Therefore, it has increased cleaning and disinfecting across its parks and resorts. Disney is implementing health and safety measures after considering the guidance of government and local health authorities.

Florida is becoming the state with the highest number of cases coming on a daily basis. The state’s Department of Health reported at least 15,299 new cases on Sunday.

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