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The UK government has given a go-ahead for summer holidays abroad. The country is relaxing its restrictions on non-essential international travel for the countries, which have a low rate of coronavirus.

However, ministers have confirmed that the UK has eased the mandatory quarantine rule for people arriving from certain countries.

Currently, people arriving in the UK have to quarantine for 14 days. The country did not establish air bridges with other European countries to keep the coronavirus from spreading in the UK.

However, this new policy will be revised on Monday. It was decided earlier and informed by the Home Secretary that it would be reviewed every three weeks.

The Traffic Light System

The UK government will be announcing a new traffic light system in its place. In this system, the UK will be categorizing countries into green, amber, and red based on the occurrence of the coronavirus there.

However, only those travelers who have visited any country in the red category will have to quarantine for two weeks on their return to the UK.

France, Germany, Greece, Spain, Turkey, Italy, Finland, Norway, the Netherlands, and Belgium are in the list of safe countries.

However, Portugal is not on the list. As the number of new cases in and around Lisbon is increasing. Moreover, Sweden is also not on the list of green-light country as the infection rate is higher than in the UK.

Certainly, there will be as many as 50 countries to be in the quarantine-free list. However, the government will be publishing this list on Wednesday next week. The country will be lifting the restrictions as soon as July 6.

A government spokeswoman said: “Our new risk-assessment system will enable us to carefully open a number of safe travel routes around the world. Giving people the opportunity for a summer holiday abroad. And boosting the UK economy through tourism and business.

“But we will not hesitate to put on the brakes if any risks re-emerge. And this system will enable us to take swift action to reintroduce self-isolation measures if new outbreaks occur overseas.”

Concerns About Quarantine

Unfortunately, the ministers showed a concern, if a country falls into the unsafe category due to a sudden outbreak, the holidaymakers returning from that country will have to quarantine for two weeks.

But even though UK tourists will not have to quarantine when they return to the UK, they will have to self-isolate on their arrival abroad. This will depend on the country they will be flying to.

The government lifted the quarantine due to the heavy criticism by the airlines and travel businesses.

Moreover, British Airways, EasyJet, and Ryanair have legally challenged against this “flawed” policy.

According to these airlines, this rule will, “have a devastating effect on British tourism. nd the wider economy, and destroy thousands of jobs.”

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