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This year on Thanksgiving I am just going on a road trip. Therefore, I am reminiscing about the trip I took last year.  The escape from the snow to the sunny and festive Cuba was my best trip. I already have shared tips about the currency issues in Cuba here.

The thing about this city is that you can see it in three days or even call three weeks less.  Firstly, Havana is super fun. Secondly, it is very safe unlike the negative image people present. Most importantly, the food, cigar, and rum is one great pull for the city.

Flea Market of Central Havana

This amazing shopper’s paradise is the place where locals do their shopping.  Cuba itself is a place of amazing handicrafts, so be ready to buy things that are very low priced and hand made. The wooden handicrafts, awe-inspiring leather crafts, jewelry, and fedoras. There is so much souvenir shopping in this place. I bargained and negotiated quite well for a good painting as well.

The artwork of Cuba is already famous, however here it is at half the price of what one imagines. So I must recommend an art lover to go smell (literally smell) and experience the real Havana here.

Central  Havana is equally populated. Rather, as it is a residential area it is far more populated. But due to less tourist inclination, we have heard less of this area. Central Havana is between Old Havana and Vedado but full of raw real Havana. The narrow streets are filled with locals working and making their living.

El Capitolo

This building is similar to the Capitol Building of Washington D.C. till the year 1959, this building served as the government seat. Presently, it is a science Academy of Cuba. This building at one time was one of the tallest buildings in Cuba. AT present, it is very prominent in the city skyline and many tourists take their classic photos at the stairs of this building.

Museo de la Revolucion

Cuba is full of history so a good hour spent in this museum is a definite for all tourists. Not only is it informative but also teaches a great number of things about resilience and rising again. The visit may seem heavy as the Cuban revolution was a big revolt in time.

The fruits of this revolution have been bitter as well as sweet. However, this building is a marvel from the outside as well as inside. The bullet marks on the wall inside, life-size wax figures of Che Guevara and Camilo Cienfuegos, and many other war pieces speak about the city.

The yacht Granma is another must-see item. This was the boat that carried Fidel Castro and his aides from Mexico.

Parque Central

Havana is beautiful and watching the hustle-bustle of the city with beauty is the best way to kill your time. So, head over to Parque Central and have a look at the beautiful buildings around. One can spot the statue of José Martí in Carrara white marble. This is a dedication to the national hero of Cuba. He was a  poet, writer, lawyer, and fighter for Cuban independence.

Also, the most famous car rides are a daily sight here. Their most famous Gran Car tours religiously show around the city and are spotted in this area. The Ford’s and Chevy’s and many other cars have been reincarnated. The engines are alive and young to show you around the city.


What point to write about Havana in part 2 and yet evade the beautiful seashore. The unique architecture, facing the sea paints a thoughtful picture for the tourists. This seven-kilometer long sea drive is a perfect unwinding spot for all. One spots people smoking their favorite cigars, making a small picnic, or sorting a big debate here at the seaside. This part of Central Habana is raw, real, and unfiltered. The neoclassical structure of the buildings and the merry locals all put the time to a standstill. One feels as if they could be easily in the 50s or the 60s.

Cuban food, music, and arts deserve another post with utmost detailing for you all. Till then practice saying Hola, Cuba!.

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