Heathrow Seeking Governments Help For Aviation Industry

People at the airport

Heathrow is reaching out to the government and demanding to take more action to relax the quarantine restrictions. As the number of passengers coming in and going out of the UK is decreasing.

However, there is a 95% drop in the number of passengers throught out this summer season.

As the UK implemented a quarantine policy at the start of June. Since then the number of international arrivals is causing a 10% fall in the number of travelers.

“An exit plan is now more critical than ever as long-haul flights remain grounded. And more jobs continue to be put at risk in an industry crucial to rebuilding the UK economy,” it warned.

However, Heathrow was previously condemned for having less Covid-19 security screening. As other major airports around the world were more strictly following the screening measures. However, it called for more so-called “travel corridors”, where the UK agrees reciprocal agreements to allow quarantine-free travel with countries.

Calling for the UK to take a lead on standardizing testing procedures at airports, it said, “Heathrow urges government to act faster on establishing Common International Standards that would allow safer travel to critical trading routes.”

Heathrow to start COVID-19 Testing

The airport, however, has made a test-on-arrival procedure. But it is waiting for the approval of the government to allow non-COVID-19-free passengers into the UK from higher-risk countries without the need to quarantine.

Moreover, Heathrow airport is taking safety measures. And introducing new technologies to keep their buildings and equipment free from the virus. However, it is using UV light to sanitize surfaces quickly and efficiently.

Low Cargo Operations

Cargo operations at Heathrow were down in June by more than 30% as compared to last year. But there were around 140 cargo movements on 6 June.

Whereas, the number of passengers in and out of Heathrow in June were 350,000. It is down by 95% as compared to the same time last year. However, the pandemic is more affecting the North American travel, which was down by 97.4%, but Africa was also heavily hit, down 96.8%.

Heathrow chief executive John Holland-Kaye said, “Travel corridors were a great first step. And now we need to go further to protect jobs and kickstart the economy, by allowing healthy passengers to travel freely between the UK and the rest of the world.”

“We’re ready to pilot a testing system on arrival for passengers from “red” countries as an alternative to quarantine. But even better would be to test passengers before they get on a plane. This requires a Common International Standard for testing, which the UK government could take global leadership in setting up.”

Holland-Kaye last week spoke of his concerns that occasional outbreaks in cities such as Leicester, Lisbon, and Melbourne and cities in the US were looking increasingly inevitable. He said there had to some other way then just shutting down travel to everyone from that country.

Measures Followed By Heathrow

However, in the shopping areas, the government has not yet made it compulsory to wear a mask in English airports, although they are compulsory in Scotland. The airport is conducting temperature screenings at certain routes before flying. The government has mentioned on its website that passengers must wear face masks onboard the aircraft in both England and Scotland unless eating or drinking.

Passengers must leave the airport as quickly as possible on arrival. It is allowing only those passengers to enter who are traveling. If a passenger is accompanying children or any passengers needing assistance they can come with some other person.

However, the government has provided a full list of countries that do not have to quarantine while returning to the UK, on its website.

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