Greece welcomes Britsh tourists

White villas of Greece

The Greek tourism minister said that British tourists are welcome to visit Greece for holidays within a week. 

Haris Theoharis said the country is opening on July 1, for European holidaymakers. However, we want UK tourists to visit the country when it reopens. 

Positive Vibes About Air Bridges 

Greece is in discussions with the UK government over so-called air bridges. It is going well and a final decision will come in the next few days. 

Air bridges in place will help mitigate concerns of travel companies and airlines. As they were not in favor of governments 14-day quarantine rule which according to them is disproportionate and unfair. 

However, the travel companies and airlines showed concerns that it will have a distressing effect on the UK’s tourism industry. Moreover, almost 500 businesses have appealed to the ministers to approve the introduction of air bridges. 

Most importantly, travel companies have received “private assurances” that air bridges will be introduced from June 29. 

Moreover, Heathrow Airport’s Chief Executive also said, that Heathrow Airport will be losing 25,000 jobs if the government does not ease the quarantine rules or establish air bridges, with in the next two weeks. 

Air Bridges Help Visitors to not Quarantine 

Consequently, these will allow travelers to come from other countries not to self-quarantine for two weeks. Where the number of affected people by coronavirus is supposedly low. 

The government’s decision not to have air bridges is to protect against the second wave of coronavirus. 

However, Theoharis mentioned that there was no need for those returning to the UK from Greece to quarantine. 

He said: “The point is that Greece is a safe country – we have proven that during this crisis and we will continue proving this in the exit stages of the health situation.” 

 “We feel that the risk of someone contracting the disease in Greece is much lower than most of the countries in Europe and indeed the rest of the world.” 

The minister commented when reports came about the British tourists that they would be able to visit any one of ten countries without having to quarantine. This is possible because of the air bridges and travel corridors. 

Air Bridges with Other Countries 

According to some reports, air bridges with France, Spain, Italy and Turkey are close to being confirmed, alongside Greece, as part of plans set to be unveiled on Monday (June 29), with the first flights expected on July 4. 

Other countries such as Germany, Austria, Belgium, the Netherlands, Gibraltar, and Bermuda may be on the list too. Speculations are suggesting Portugal could also be on the list despite concerns over recent coronavirus outbreaks.

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