Greece to allow flights for tourists from 1st July

Santorini, Greece

In Greece the international flights will be allowed to fly directly to destinations from July 1 for tourists, announced the Prime Minister of Greece.

The Prime Minister in an address said when tourists arrive they will be asked to take coronavirus tests. He also said that they have set an example in dealing with the health crisis. As they have managed to control the spread of the virus.

A list of countries will be issued until the end of May, from where the visitors will be allowed to come to Greece. The countries picked in this list are decided by the epidemiological criteria which are given by the experts’ committee dealing with the pandemic in Greece, said the Tourism Minister Harry Theoharis.

Countries such as Germany, Israel, Cyprus, and Balkan and Baltic countries will be allowed to let their citizens enter Greece. Those countries with the most outbreak of coronavirus will be excluded from the list.

Greece will be taking visitors from June 15, initially, the visitors will be coming from Athens’ International Airport. Whereas the airports of Greece will be opening from July 1, and international flights can come directly in the country said, Theoharis.

Greece acted promptly and did an early lockdown, which resulted in a lower number of death cases. The number of cases confirmed in Greece is 2,850 with 166 deaths. Due to lockdown, the economy is severely affected. Greece is relying on the summer season by allowing visitors in the country.

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