Goa – Goals of beach life

Serene beaches of India

India is an enigmatic country for many. The spicy food, the history of temples, and numerous languages attract thousands of avid travelers each year. However, as the societal fabric is still conservative many people do not appreciate a party lifestyle that foreign travelers indulge in.

Goa however is one such city that strikes a balance of everything. You get churches, temples, food, and a crazy party life that gives a complete package to any traveler. This city offers everything to a person who wants fun, food, and festivity.

Yoga love

Goa has become a center of attention for yoga lovers. Numerous wellness resorts and retreats have become a part of the Goan landscape. Firstly, these resorts attract many foreign tourists. Secondly, the teachers have been a part of the rich Indian yoga schools. Thus there is a high probability of people learning the best methods.

There are more retreats in Northern Goa and a few in Southern Goa. You can register yourself to any of the resorts as per your budget. Make the most of your vacation with a currency that your dollar can make it worth it.

Life is a beach

Beach lovers from all over the world are looking for new beaches to explore. Goa is no exception. Firstly, the restrictions of liquor and party are not big there. People who love the beaches of Thailand and Tel Aviv crave to visit this part of the Indian ocean.

Patnem Beach and Palolem Beach are some of the many gems of the Goan marine scene. Calangute beach is also one major tourist spot for the people visiting Goa. You have a plethora of beaches to explore in Goa. A few are untouched by commercial activities such as Galgibag Beach are a treat for aquatic life lovers.

We may run out of space talking out about Baga Beach, Butterfly Beach, or many small fishermen’s villages. All in all, Goan beaches are full of life. You get to meet diverse nationals from other parts of the world. Plus, once the sun is down the real party begins. The unending dancing, cheap liquor, and music scene are unmatched.

The Portuguese touch

Goa was a Portuguese colony. This means a huge impact on Portuguese culture still impacts the lives of people. To begin with, a huge part of Goan architecture spells of the Goan colonial era.

The hippies of this era choose Goa not only to do their party but also because the vintage beauty of the city is raw and easy to experience.
One can visit the Braganza House in Chandor. Chandor is a village in Southern Goa. One thinks what is lying in a village of Goa? This house is a treasure box of the Portuguese era that was magnificent.
The present scenario of this house is that of a museum. This house is divided into two wings, each owned by the descendants of the Braganza family. You get to view the galore of their Belgian glassware, Chinese cutlery, and furniture from the different parts of the world. View the library books, artifacts and absorb the culture of the era bygone.

Check the Fernandes House, Secretariat building, and Casa dos Proença amongst other great gems that one must see to learn how glorious the Goan era was.

Treat for your taste buds

The food quality here is unmatched. The old Portuguese food flavors are intact. Although with the passage of time true Indian spices have found their way in authentic Portuguese food. However, the food taste is exceptional and their secret is the purity of spices.

Visit the spice markets and farms to know what made Vasco De Gama explore and find the heart of spices in the world. Tanshikar Spice Farm is one such spot for a touristy feel of the day.

Try the multicuisine offered in top-class restaurants and bakeries in Goa to establish your own opinion. We loved This Is It and Full Moon Café in Bogmalo. But due to the pandemic, many cafes have been shut down. It is expected that the year 2021 will be better for Goa.

Shopping in Goa

There is no fun in buying known brands. However, finding unique pieces is more fun. Check out the Anjuna Market that has been around for the past three decades and has been a hot spot for locals and tourists alike. Many bloggers talk about this place and state this being an amazing spot for shopping souvenirs for everyone back home.

The holy side

Goa is a rich tapestry of religions. One finds beautiful churches and temples all across the state. The Portuguese came and brought their religion to the area. This means we get to view some great historical buildings all around Goa.
The most famous is Basilica de Bom Jesus. It is the tomb of St Francis Xavier. He was called the Apostle of the Indies. Most devout Christians do like to visit this place and explore around. The Renaissance structure in this state is worth remembering. Chruch of the Holy Spirit, Church of St Anne, and many other churches made in the 16th and 17th century are all imposing, beautiful, and reflective of the glory that the Portuguese held in the area.

Soothing sights

The harmony of Hindus, Christians, and Muslims in Goa is better than in many other parts of the world. We saw great Christian architecture. Further, we saw beautiful temples of various Gods in India. If you have time do visit them. Shri Mahadeva, Shri Mahalasa, Maruti, and Mahalaxmi temples in Goa are some of the many that we would recommend you to visit.
Muslim mosques are also beautiful Jamia Mosque, Safa Mosque and Namazgah built by a Mughal emperor are also notable structures of Goan religious buildings directory.

If we speak of party Goa’s every nook is about the party. You have crazy festivals of Goa where budding musicians come and share their music. We will dedicate another piece for Goan explorers who want to know about the music and festivities of Goa.

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