France to Impose Quarantine Rules on the UK

World's Most Visited Country

The French government is planning to impose back quarantine restrictions on people arriving from the UK. There is a lot of pressure on the ministers to minimize the two weeks self-isolation period.

Due to the rise in coronavirus cases. France was included in the red list of countries that the UK has banned, on August 15.

People traveling back to the UK from France must quarantine. Now Paris is also preparing to implement its own restrictions on people coming to France from the UK.

The minister for European Affairs Clement Beaune in an interview said, “We will have a measure called reciprocity so that our British friends do not close the border in one single way.”

“For travelers returning from the United Kingdom, there will probably be restrictive measures. Decided in the next few days by the Prime Minister and by the Defence Council”.

UK’s Airport Testing Facility

However, this announcement came after the UK made the decision that it is providing a testing facility at its airport. To reduce the quarantine period to less than a week.

Airlines are after the ministers to allow test the people on airports returning from countries on the government’s coronavirus red list.

Then, they can test them again between three to five days later. Once we get two negative test results, the traveler is free to leave self-isolation.

Ministers are due to weigh up the benefits of the proposed way forward at a meeting scheduled later this week.

Other Countries Possibly on the Red List

Meanwhile, there are growing concerns that Greece, Switzerland, and the Czech Republic could all be subject to quarantine. Due to increased cases, however, Italy has also recorded a spike.

However, the 14-day quarantine restriction is causing lasting damage to the travel and tourism industries. Therefore, the government is under intense pressure to reduce such measures.

Other European countries, such as Germany and France, already have tested on arrival systems established at their airports.

Approaching the Authorities

However, the aviation services companies Swissport and Collinson Group submitted plans for a dual testing system to health secretary Matt Hancock.

In a letter to the health secretary, the two firms have shown concerns that due to the 14-day rules people are not able to work and travel for business, alongside stifling inbound tourism.

Previously, ministers have expressed concerns about the prospect of replacing the 14-day blanket quarantine policy with a more nuanced testing system.

Nevertheless, the aviation and travel industries think the government has hugely overestimated the number of people who could be missed under such a scheme.

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