France to be Added in the Quarantine List

Holiday Destination

The pandemic has put the world in the new normal. Fortunately or unfortunately the new normal requires a constant check and balance. France has been hit hard by the pandemic and once again the cases are on the rise.

The authorities in the UK will discuss this issue. If the people returning from France should be subject to a 14 day quarantine period.

The Red List

France had reopened business and tourism both, but recently France has witnessed a spike in the cases. In the last week alone France reported 10,800 new cases for COVID-19. The debate will now take place to determine if France will be put on the red list. They will be considering making amendments to the list at a meeting chaired by Cabinet Minister Michael Gove.

However, the final decision will come after a week as the government is still monitoring the situation to be a better judge.

The British love to plan holidays in France. Last year 9.27 million Britons holidayed in France, making it the most popular destination after Spain.

Increase in Positive Cases

France is now seeing 2,000 new cases each day. As compared to 1,000 three weeks ago, French Prime Minister Jean Castex told a press briefing on Tuesday.

“About 25 new clusters are identified every day compared to five three weeks ago,” he added.

France’s 14-day average of 29.4 cases per 100,000 compares with 17.1 in the UK. These figures are according to data compiled by the European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control (ECDC).

More than 2,500 new coronavirus cases were registered in France in 24 hours in the sharpest increase since May. Government data showed on Wednesday, as officials said indicators were “clearly worsening”.

Of 600,000 tests over the past week, more than 11,600 were positive, the health ministry’s DGS public health division said.

With August traditionally a month when many French people take weeks of summer holiday, “it’s imperative that we keep up our efforts to avoid the epidemic picking up again, individually and collectively, everywhere and at all times”, the DGS said.

France has been one of the most suffering nations in Europe. Almost 30,400 people have died of coronavirus in France since the epidemic began, the third-heaviest toll in Europe after Britain and Italy.

A week still remains for the decision to mark France on the red list. However, travel in the post-COVID-19 era needs to be on an essential basis only.

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