Floridian Christmas

Christmas in Florida

The festive season is all upon us. This Christmas Eve many stayed home. However, many people have embraced the new normal and want to gear up for a normal life. They are opting for masks and going ahead with their festive plans.

This year, the cold wave is said to hit many parts of the US. Florida will be one city that will be experiencing some major cold winds and different weather. So what can you exactly do to make your Christmas fun again? We got a few ideas depending on which part of the state you are in, some fun excursions with good social distancing.

Disney World

This year the Mouse is welcoming all. However, many things have been modified in the light of the pandemic. The Santa sightings will be from distance. Many activities and shows will be done at safe distances. But, one thing which is constant here will be festive food.

This year watching Castle Dream Lights or the Christmas concerts won’t be possible. Neither are the magic hugs and pictures with Disney characters. Yet, your presence does make an impact on the people working for Disney. So go book your trip and keep that sanitizer closer!


This town is named Celebration! So expecting anything short of fun is not possible. You get your own white Christmas in Florida here at Celebration. this town was planned in 1994 by Disney. The whole town transports you to the bygone era of perfectly built towns with lovely houses and sidewalks. Life seems like that of an era that many have not witnessed.

As of now, Winter Wonderland snowing is open. However, it can be altered at any time based on state rules. Although, they have planned the surprise “snowfalls”. These will be shorter than their traditional snowfalls. This change has been done to ensure lesser crowds at a given time. Eventually, it leads to a better socially distant gathering.


Hit the beach and plenty of festive spots to make the best use of your time with family and children. Jacksonville is a perfect city to give you the holiday spirit reboot. Visit the Jacksonville beach for a super bright event. There is the Deck the chairs contest up for viewers. There are 40 lifeguard chairs decorated with thousands of bright lights. Additionally, there is music, children’s programs, and plenty of festive activities around. This year a socially distant event will be practiced. However, there is a distance from fun here. the best part- it is absolutely free.

There are JAX Illuminations. It is a drive-through display of thousand lights. Kids, adults all will love this view to make their Christmas more fun.

Amidst the pandemic, you can also visit Saint Augustine Ballet and Lewis Auditorium. They have put all safety protocols into practice. Here you will get to enjoy the perfect holiday shows. Get your dose of singing and dancing.


Other than Disney there is more to this city. You will find all the more amusement parks in this city. However, other than amusement parks there is more to do. But, we must remember that the 2020 winter in Florida is supremely cold.

You can enjoy the Christmas festivity at Gaylord Palms. However, there will be no ice display this year due to covid restrictions. you can go to the Light Of The Million Lights or the Festival of Trees there. Basically, other than the variety of amusement parks there is a lot more to enjoy while there is a pandemic.

Florida is this year getting the coldest spell in 25 years. So whatever you do just stay safe and dress according to the weather.

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