Cheap Flights From New York to Washington D.C

There has to be one mandatory trip to the capital city. So you may be in New York, California or anywhere but a ticket to Washington will bring you closer to the monumental and much revered history of America.

Book a trip for your kids and family from NewYork to Washington at the best rates from Traveljin and make your holiday hassle-free. This summer when things are a little down due to covid-19 we have an array of flights and hotel bookings to fit your budget and make a vacation for your family possible.

You can book your flights from Washington to any state in the USA with ease as well from Traveljin. 

New York has three airports to keep your flying schedule at ease. The flight time from New York to Washnigton is around five hours. Thus you have a lot to read and tell your children. New York has a chaotic but great transportation network. Based on your home location you may choose any of the airports for your flight to Washington DC.

  •       JFK
  •        LaGuardia
  •       Newark

Consecutively, Washington DC. also has three airports to welcome a huge amount of travelers and tourists alike in the city.

  •         Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport 
  •         Washington Dulles International Airport
  •         Washington International Thurgood Marshall Airport 

Washington DC has a great landscape and beautiful places to make it a great choice for romantic getaways and honeymoon.

History and museums: A well spent life means a great many lessons being doled out to friends and family. Your visit to this city is a very learning experience and the trips to museums are fun and memorable ones. 

You can pay tribute and embed love for country in kids  at the Lincoln Memorial or the powerful Vietnam Veterans Memorial and make them realize the might of right at the Martin Luther King Jr Memorial.

We say the new immigrants should always come to Washington to learn how this country evolved to an all accepting country and still is a work in progress to be more tolerant of others.

You Can stroll in the city and view US Capitol, White House as the best governmental and political landmarks of the city. National Museum of African American History & Culture, National Gallery of Art, National Air & Space Museum all are great places for learning and revisiting history.

If we begin to write about the kinds of museums in Washington, you will need to make your trip longer. Washington has plethora of historical places, such as Textile, Museum, National Museum of Women in the Arts, United States Holocaust Memorial Museum, Phillips Collection and so many places that your quota for arts, history and politics will be full.

So if you have a liking for any of these, then Washington DC is your place. 

Natural sights and parks: For a dose of nature and good family hang-outs there are great spots that staple your memories with happiness.

Robert Indiana’s AMOR, Yards Park, U.S. National Arboretum. Rock Creek Park all make your holidays cozy, closer to nature and more personal than visiting expensive hotels and not being closer to nature.

Merry Making: If your holiday is never complete without some local taste of wine in the city. We got a few of the best in Washington DC  for you.

Right Proper Brewing Company–Brookland Production House, City Winery, District Winery, District ChopHouse & Brewery, Bluejacket and many amazing breweries and wineries are there to make your appetite happy.

Flights From New York City: Major travel has been slow due to Covid-19. The decline in flights is seen.At present we have, around 64 domestic flights from New York City for travelers. Below is the list of flights for more destinations from NYC.

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New York City Airport, also identified as John F. Kennedy International Airport, is a large airport in United States. At present, there are 64 domestic flights from New York City, but due to the current situation (COVID-19) flights operation has been postponed for some time. Below is the list of flights for more destinations from NYC.

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