Flights From New York to Orlando

New Yorkers want a break from their hectic schedule. The seasonal break is a perfect time to enjoy and have fun with loved ones.They may not be in love with the sun AND plan to escape the throngs of people in New York. You can easily book your cheap flights from New York to Orlando from any of their three airports.

People near New Jersey can get their flight scheduled from Newark Airport for their convenience. The public transit system of New York can help you more to reach the airports on time.

So escape the New York heat for a more fun splash of sun that Orlando offers! You are booking for Orlando because you know their unending summer is down your list and high on top is your fun and entertainment with loved ones. If you are looking for a couple’s package or a family outing, you have plenty of things to do in Orlando.

You can book your tickets right here on from Orlando to New York. It is just a click away. Our tickets to Orlando and other destinations are all priced fair and low.

Before booking the tickets, do have a look and treat yourself to what great activities you can do in Orlando. There are two chief airports in Orlando:

  • Orlando International Airport (MCO).
  • Sanford International Airport.

You may choose whichever you find closer to your hotel. You can find details of hotels as well on our website.

On Average 60 million people visits Orlando per year for their trips and vacations. The biggest misconception is that they ONLY come for theme parks. They come for a lot more. The space center, wildlife garden, shopping and relaxing beaches that match the beauty of Caribbean islands as well.

Theme Parks: Universal Studios, Magic Kingdom all take you down the tunnel of fantasy. Your children and your inner child will love Orlando for all their life long heroes come face to face. The water park Aquatica will drench you in nature’s best sights and help you beat the heat.

Museums: No trip is complete without a history of the place. You may come from a neighboring state but, knowing its history is what makes the trip more memorable even if a bit boring. Book your tickets for Orlando Museum of Art, Mennello Museum of American Art or for science fans there could be more. Orlando Science Center and Kennedy Space Center for all the fun.

You have Orlando Eye, the amazing ride in Orlando or an array of beaches of the East Coast to enjoy. New Smyrna and many more beach piers and coast will help you have fun.

Lake Eola and the beauty of Downtown Orlando is another pearl of the city that may go unnoticed in the shine of amusement parks.

So make sure you enjoy nature’s best parks and gardens. The serene neighborhood and a less fats life of downtown Orlando

For your best night out and clubbing in Orlando do visit Thornton Park and dance with friends on this fun trip.

Find Other Flights From New York City

Presently, COVID-19 has obstructed many flights. However, many domestic and international flights are being arranged to meet the demand. Presently, there are 64 domestic flights from New York City, but a few have been delayed or postponed. Below is the list of other destinations accessible from New York City.

Domestic Flights

International Flights

  • New York to Glasgow
  • New York to London
  • New York to Tokyo
  • New York to Paris
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