Flights From New York to Miami

New York is the city that never sleeps. So catching a flight from NewYork to any part of the world especially for Miami is pretty easy. A city with clusters of yellow cabs helping you travel around you can get to all places easily. It also has three airports. Well, this adds to confusion of which airport to go to for your flight.

Yes we are hinting at your favorite show of Friends where Ross got to the wrong airport to stop Rachel. So the airports are:

  • John F. Kennedy International Airport.
  • LaGuardia Airport: LGA.
  • Newark Liberty International Airport.

All three airports are accessible by subways and taxis. There you go, reaching them is not tough. JFK Airport being the darling of all as it is considered the airport of the city. The other two serve the same purpose and based on your location, Manhattan, Brooklyn or Queens you can choose your airport to fly from.

If you are looking for a cheap flights from New York to Miami then this is the right page. Miami is a right destination for a family vacation due to its beaches. It can also be a perfect bachelor’s trip location for its happening night life and art scene. Make Miami a perfect weekend getaway trip with your special one.

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Also, since you are planning a trip here’s what you must visit and experience in Miami.

Hotels: The art spirit of Miami is unmatched. Their 1930s hotels lining Ocean Dr are a marvel. They are considered a great collection of art decor buildings. The lavish night clubs, peppered with sunny pools to cool down are perfect for all vacationers. Sun, sea and spirit of love all is in Miami.

Art Scene: Things to do in Miami must have your time for their art culture. Music and art culture in Miami is diverse and beautiful. There are film festivals, shows and theatrical performances organized. Their open air art galleries will bring you to a new concept of eco friendliness. The preserved and air conditioned galleries also exist. So you may choose each day for a different art exploration.

Local Food: Since Latin American culture is heavy in Miami. One will find their exquisite flavors in food. To top it, they are close to the coast. Thus, crabs, fish and exotic shrimps are always on the table. Stone crabs, Arepas, Fish sandwiches and so much more all make the cuisine diverse for different taste buds. Along with diversity Miami food offers delicious street food for travelers on a budget.

Stroll in the City: Miami has clean beaches, nature’s best parks, and exotic food scene with a great night life. So if you plan a trip to Miami, then be ready to be blown by its flavors of diversity and beauty.

Find Other Flights From New York City

At present, there are 64 domestic flights from New York City, but due to the current situation (COVID-19) flights operation has been postponed for some time. Below is the list of flights for more destinations from NYC.

Domestic Flights

International Flights

  • New York to Glasgow
  • New York to London
  • New York to Tokyo
  • New York to Paris
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