Flights From New York to Chicago

You may be tired of being an average New Yorker going to work every day or maybe a graduating student planning to see a few cities before real life begins. In all cases, one can easily book Air tickets from to find real independence by planning your trip from New York to the Windy City Chicago.

Plan your trip with friends, your solo trip for some great business ideas, or soul searching or simply marking one more city off your list. You can get the cheapest airfares and ticket options from New York to Chicago right here at Travel Jin.

Look no further, check and compare the tickets and hotel options with TravelJin and make your pre travel days stress free. We will assist you right from places to what to eat in your destination city. Get easy flights from any of the three major airports from New York City and land at Chicago with the best priced tickets.

Skyline & Skyscrapers: You will be amazed by the architectural wonders in the city. The tall buildings blow your mind away because they are aesthetically pleasing as well.  You can see the Metal Bean at the Cloud Gate. The 1964 wonder of Marina City, Thalia Hall, and many more great architectural wonders for you. 

Music and nightlife: You can enjoy your jazz nights, discos, and great wine and beer at so many places in Chicago Green Mill, Lagunitas Brewing Company, and so many great distilleries and music places. You go to a place where music and beer both are available or you explore according to your wishes. But trust us Chicago has a great brewery scene for all.

Shopping: Go to Lake Michigan and spoil yourself at the Navy Pier. There is food, there are clothes and loads of entertainment so who wants to have all the fun at one spot! You get loads of shopping and sightseeing all here.

Find Other Flights From New York City

There is a shift in demand for flights. Presently, there are 64 domestic flights from New York City, but due to COVID-19, the flights have been postponed for some time in a few cases. Below is the list of flights for more destinations from NYC.

Domestic Flights

International Flights

  • New York to Glasgow
  • New York to London
  • New York to Tokyo
  • New York to Paris
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