Five top cities in India to be visited

Culture of India

India is the country of history, colors, and celebrations. Their history has been marred by wars, but equally beautified by the strange merger of cultures.

This country is secular and home to a huge population. It is the second most populated country of the world with religions such as Hinduism, Sikhism, Jainism, and Buddhism originating and flourishing from this country.

Later on Jews, Zoroastrians found home in this country and after the British company conquered India. The mass conversions led to a good Anglo Christian population in India. It is safe to say that this country is home to multiple religions. Of them, all Muslims, Hindus, and Sikhs are most prominent.

So if you plan on experiencing Asia in its most raw and unpolished form, India it is. The land of yogis, spirituality, magic, and architecture laced with unending festivals – this and a lot more is this country.

The country is heavily populated and experiences varied with northern areas closer to the Himalayas being cold and the desert of Rajasthan being hot. The south receives its share of torrential rains as well.

Major tips when traveling to India

This country is still developing with a major class difference in the economic well being of its people. Therefore, it is advised that you keep a few pointers in mind

  • Be wary of guides and local experts whom you do not hire via the travel company.
  • Trust your instinct and keep your luggage safe
  • Keep diarrhea medicines in an extra supply
  • Wear less revealing clothes at temples and mosques.
  • Keep print outs of your tickets and travel documents in case you lose them
  • Be careful of pickpockets as the country is crowded.
  • Avoid going alone after 11 at night if you are a single girl.

So our must see cities in India are


This city has a very royal vibe. Basically a part of the Rajasthan desert area, this city is a big tourist attraction. The fact that there are plenty of royal buildings, palaces, and one royal palace even available for Airbnb are all amazing palaces to visit or maybe even stay.

Hawa Mahal is a five-story complex architectural wonder built by the then ruler for the women of his house. This building served the purpose for women to view all city processions.

City Palace is another big and beautiful structure that has plenty of other portions worth seeing and observing. There is plenty of Mughal and Rajasthani style of buildings and architectures for keeping the meetings of important ministers of the then royal time.

Jantar Mantar and Isralat are also amazing sights in the city. As for shopping, there is plenty of jewelry and handicrafts that you’d love to buy as souvenirs.

Food in Jaipur is tasty loaded with spices and traditional pickles swhich will surley make your ears smoke so go easy with the food.


This city is of immense importance to Hindus as well as Buddhists. It is the sacred and most religious place for followers of Hinduism. The pilgrimage to bathe in the holy Ganges, pray at temples and roam around in one of the ancient cities of the world – this and more is what Varanasi offers to the people.

The silk saris are the most famous gift item from this city. Hindus typically buy the holy water of the Ganges as well as other important idol statues for their homes.

Vishwanath temple is one beautiful temple to be seen in this city.  Ramnagar Fort & Museum is another place of visit to learn about the royal family of this city. Buddhists also have revered sites in the outskirts of Varanasi as much evidences suggest the start of Buddhism from this city.  Tomato chaat and paan are some great street food that this city is famous for.


Certainly trip to India is incomplete if one does not visit Agra. Taj Mahal which is one of the Seven Wonders of the World is quietly standing witness to the wars and love of the eras bygone. Agra Fort, Fatehpur Sikri is also worth your time.

You can find great leather items and jewelery apart from Taj Mahal souvenirs to be taken as gifts.

Agra has rich Mughlai food history that is full of taste and reasonable spices. So go ahead and enjoy the rich food of this city.


This is the capital of the city. Historically, Delhi has mostly been the center of power and politics. Therefore it is very likely for you to have a look at plenty of old architectures built by Mughals, English, and later by the ruling Indian politicians. The city has many youngsters coming from smaller towns in search of better job options. The nightlife, fine dining and general class of the city are great.  The discos and bars are full of life.

However, old Delhi is one more beautiful part of the city to be seen. The walled city has old houses, buildings, and the same pre-partition charm. South Delhi is a posh area of the city. Street food of Delhi is insanely amazing just one tip, keep your toilet close and water closer. The rest will be great.

Red Fort, Jama Masjid, Qutab Minar and the Baha’i Lotus Temple are must see places.


Kerala is a hot favorite in locals and foreigners. This city has been an epitome of tolerance and love between different religions and cultures. Kerala is a strip of green and lush beauty by the Arabian sea. The kind of forests and green national parks are maintained in Kerala, makes one wonder about the great team of this city.

Kerala is beautiful beyond words with people who are sweet and places that are memorable. You can experience the beauty of South Asian wildlife in this city as well.

Periyar tiger reserve, Pardesi synagogue are the must see places. You can also see the Kumarkom Bird sanctuary. There are places to zip line, stay in national parks and enjoy the flaura and fauna of this beautiful part of India.

Wayanad is amazing to experience and Cochi gives you the experience of the beautiful and traditional houseboats. Explore and trek around Munnar and enjoy the beaches of Bekal while you explore Kerala.

Enjoy your trip while we bring more cities of India for you in our next round.

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