Face Shields Mandatory on Qatar Airways

Successful Qatar Airways

As travelers are returning back to the skies, airlines are taking every possible measure. So they can keep the travel safe for its passengers.

Qatar Airways has made it mandatory for its passengers to wear a face shield in addition to a face mask or face covering.

Protection Kits For Passengers

However, the airline will be providing protection kits to passengers. These kits will include face shields, hand sanitizer, a surgical face mask, and disposable gloves. The airline will be giving these to passengers before they board their airplanes.

These disposable face shields are available in two sizes. One for adults and one for children. However, infants under the age of two do not fall for this requirement.

The economy class passengers must wear the face shield at all times, except when they are eating or drinking. However, it is not obligatory for business class passengers to wear face shields at all times. According to Qatar, the business class passengers can wear it, “at their own discretion, as they enjoy more space and privacy.”

However, it is necessary to wear them during boarding and embarkation.

Qatar Airways said it believes passengers will respect the new rules.

“Anyone refusing to wear the face shield during the boarding process will be not allowed to travel,” a Qatar Airways spokesperson said in a statement.

Protection Kits For Staff

The airline is also providing personnel kits for staff. However, Qatar Airways is giving disposable protective gowns, which the cabin crew will have to wear over their uniforms. Moreover, the airline will provide safety glasses, gloves, and a mask.

Safety and Hygiene

“By introducing these additional onboard safety and hygiene measures, our customers can rely on us. And our unparalleled expertise to fly them safely to their destination,” Qatar Airways Group Chief Executive Akbar Al Baker, said in a statement.

“As the largest international airline flying consistently throughout the pandemic. We have become one of the most experienced in safety and hygiene. We will continue to lead the industry in terms of the services offered to our passengers. So that they can travel with confidence.”

However, the airline is taking these measures as it is resuming travel to routes that the airline had to suspend due to the pandemic. When in the early stages of the pandemic. It resumed services to 11 more destinations on July 1. Moreover, it is planning to increase its number of routes to 65 by mid of July.

Many airlines have made it mandatory for passengers to wear face masks on flights to contain the spread of the virus on the flights. Some airlines, however, are banning passengers from not wearing a face mask. Maybe enforcing face shields on top of masks is the next move of every airline.

Airlines for America (A4A), the industry body that represents US carriers such as American Airlines and United, has called for consequences if passengers do not follow guidelines.

In June, a traveler was asked to leave an American Airlines flight for refusing to wear a mask. Traveler Brandon Straka was temporarily banned by the airline.

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