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Sights in Australia

Australia as a continent has been an object of study, adulation, and interest in the year 2020. From the country New Zealand managing catastrophes to Australia managing the wildlife conservation and fires with patience and dexterity, all have made this zone a place to be observed.

However, 2020 had been a troublesome year. The country Australia however reported fewer cases for the Covid-19. Therefore, if you are someone who is in the safe corridor’s list of Australia then maybe this year you should visit Australia and see the amazing country of the southern hemisphere.

Australia is a unique island with amazing flora and fauna. Animals such as Kangaroos, Koala bears all add the attraction to this indigenous land.  Australia was previously a colony therefore, many changes came along with the effects of colonization. Sydney is the embodiment of the most cosmopolitan changes that this country has received. Moreover, there is a lot of glamour in Sydney that people love and desire to be a part of.

Why travelers love Sydney

  • The weather is just right sunny and rainy both.
  • Beaches and trails
  • Great architecture
  • Skyline
  • It is a great city

Now coming to amazing sights and scenery of Sydney, we have plenty of options for you to see and definitely visit.

Bondi Beach

There is nothing such as a lot of beaches. Bondi beach is huge, full of exotic people, and always full of life. This beach attracts millions of locals and internationals equally. The surrounding suburban areas have great shopping and food options as well so after a big dip you can eat and shop equally. If the ocean water overwhelms you there is a mini beach option too right there.

Yes! Bondi Icebergs swimming pools are on the outskirts of the beach. So take a good siwm suit out and head to this beach. Remember the pictures on this beach are to die for and this place has been used extensively for bikini shots of major brands.

Opera House

The postcards of Australia have always shown this landmark since forever. The beautiful UNESCO world heritage site has had a major tourist footfall to see the sail-like built building and take pictures here. One can take a guided tour or definitely try to book a show in this magnificent structure and watch a show in the most amazing structure.

Sydney Harbor Bridge

Of course, we are stating pretty much the obvious ones because sometimes you tend to think they are overrated. However, they are not. Climb the Sydney Harbor Bridge – yeah do not just walk on it climb it. The 1932 built steel marvel is a beauty to look at and even more beautiful when explored by climbing. The panoramic view at the end of the long climb is worth it and one with good health and a big-budget must take this excursion.

Darling Harbor

On a continent that is an island, we have many amazing places next to the sea or about the sea. This one is a harbor, very much full of locals and foreigners.  This place is laced with shops, restaurants, and museums. You got it all. You can chill and love nature at the Chinese Garden of Friendship that’s is a beautiful piece of Taoistic principles tucked in the city full of tall buildings.

Madame Tussauds Museum, National Maritime Museum, and the Dockside Pavilion all are the places of must-visit here. The exciting and perfect nightlife of this area has to a magnet for the party animals. Therefore, this place deserves at least three days from a visitor to completely immerse the beauty and life of this area in Sydney.

Hunter Valley Wine Region

The wine lovers can call this their abode. This winery is the oldest one in Australia and just a 2.5 hour behind the wheel is worth it.

You can try the drinks from the over 150 wineries there, book yourself a private tour or even try the hot air balloon ride. This place is amazing, to say the least, and a sore disappointment if you visit Sydney and do not visit this place.

Paddy’s Market

You got to take many gifts back home. Then this place has plenty of stuff that is affordable truly Australian in spirit and makes your day memorable. This market hosts more than 1000 stalls and has been a constant for the past 150 years in Sydney. Therefore, your visit to this place is a must.

Royal Botanic Garden

This place is the calm to the storm and happening life of Sydney. The natural feel and vibe of this place makes it a must visit. Built over a 30 hectares this park is all things beautiful and colorful. One gets to see trees, ferns, orchids, plenty of fruit bats. However,  Palace Rose Garden has aroun 1,800 roses and it becomes a place of many lovers to hang out and show their love.

Taronga Zoo

Australia in general has an exotic set of species. If they all are in a place together, then you must visit this place. The animals from African savannahs, exquisite south American Jungles and elusive Caribbean marine life all has been kept safely in this zoo for the animal lovers.

The journey to Taronga is also a great treat as one gets to visit Taronga on a ferry! Onwards from the wharf, you use a  Sky Safari cable car or a bus that transports you to the main entrance.

Barangaroo Reserve

We have specially mentioned this place for eco lovers. This place is an urban renewal project made over a 22-hectare waterfront.  It previously was an ugly spot that was useless and of no interest. But the need to make the city beautiful and greener this place was turned into a patch of greenery and major tourist spot.

They turned this old shipping yard into a place where people come for picnics, cycling. They gather around for major cultural and social events and just add beauty to the islands.  

Sydney has more to offer and we will do another round-up of such spots that one can visit for free and enjoy for food, wines, and more learning. This emerald city is hard to forget.

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