European Islands worth seeing but haven’t heard of

Serene beaches

Europe is the center of the party, fun, revelry as well as history. The year 2020 however has made not only Europe but the whole world quite deserted. Now with the second half of the year beginning things seem to shape differently. Summer is here and so are new plans for travel. People have adjusted to the new normal and want to travel again.

However, the reluctance in travel stems from the fear of crowds. Therefore, more and more people are opting for less famous and less crowded places. If you had Europe on your bucket list this year, then maybe we have a perfect list of beaches in Europe to drench in water and tan in the sunny skies.

So get on with your backpack, wear your comfiest shoes and pack your beachwear as we share the secret and less famous Islands of Europe which have not been disturbed by mass photography and social media glare.


France is the most visited country in the world. So how about you do touch base with this romantic country but spend your beach vacation at a secluded spot. Do not visit this place in peak season, as nobody spares this beautiful island. The endless white sand and beautiful lush vineyards here make your vacation super dreamy and serene. The hikers have a great surprise here too as there are cliffs to hike up and enjoy the view and great air with friends.

Île d’Aix

Another French gem. This island can be reached via a ferry. There are no cars on this small island. Hence your bohemian dreams of walking and cycling on the beach heaven will come true here. This island was a military base during the French Revolution. It has played a strong role in naval base training as well. So wandering around you find many architectures of that era including a prison. Parisians come here over the weekend to unwind and relax. You can choose this place in off seasons and enjoy the real and raw French beauty.


This can be called the poor man’s Ibiza. A Spanish pride this island has slowly found its rank in the hot spots of tourists. However, it will take some time for this location to become supremely commercial. As of now, Formentera is a place that has nothing else but beauty to offer. Dazzling blue water that looks unreal with the famous Balearic white sands is too good to be true. If you are seeking pleasure, nature’s beauty, and just the summer without noise then this is the town ready for you. It may not give you chilled beers and loads of people to dance with at a beach night but it will be a perfect place to be with your lover on a honeymoon and start your life with romance and love.


Gozo is a gorgeous piece of Malta. Many films and series have had a fair share of this natural beauty of Malta. The classic scenes from the hit show Game of Thrones, as well as a Hollywood movie both, have been shot on this island. Gozo has been a favorite site for snorkeling, scuba diving in the coves. The attraction of Gozo lies in the unique merger of North Africa, Arabia, and Sicily all lying close to this stunning place. The sites on this island are old, one temple is a 5000-year-old relic for the visitors. So if you are a water baby make sure to visit this island and remember its beauty forever.


Italian locations are to die for. However, Sicily and Capri have been dense tourist spots. In case, you want the real Italian feel minus the crowd Ischia is the less talked about a place from Italy. Though we wonder what has stopped this gorgeous island to not be a talk of the travelers’ world. But hey! It’s good news for others.

Ischia is close to the island of Procida which is another beautiful but not a tourist jewel of Italy. The island has over a hundred thermal springs. So you get the most natural spa-like treatment from these and the glow from the beach in the lovely Italian island away from the noise and glamour shoved in your faces.


Mykonos and Santorini have taken all the commercial love from tourists. However, Andros is a concealed Greek gem that travelers have mostly skipped. An hour-long ferry from Athens brings you here. It is a part of Cyclades island chains. The visitors to this island get a bit of everything – beach, sand, and trails to walk on. Walk lovers have flat terrains and mountainous zones to discover and spend time with their loved ones while enjoying the beauty of this Greek island.

Europe has many other islands that deserve their due in terms of beauty and scenery. For all beach bums we will do another set of best and less known islands of Europe that deserve to be seen before they are grammed by the social media influencers and their beauty is lost by its mass commercial value.

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