Europe Reopens But Not for Americans and Asians

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Europe is ready to reopen borders. After three months of lockdown, European countries are reopening their borders for fellow European countries. But, there is still ambiguity if people are ready to travel again. 

However, the US, Asia, Latin America, and the Middle East tourists will have to wait for a while, as the European borders are not open for them yet. 

The European Union home affairs commissioner, Ylva Johansson, said in a statement that they “should open up as soon as possible.” He also suggested that Monday was a good date. 

Non-EU Country Allowed to Enter

Britain and countries will be allowing a member of the Schengen visa to visit Europe. It includes about 25 countries that are part of the Schengen visa-free travel area. Which covers most of Europe, will be welcomed into these countries with no restriction. However, travelers from Switzerland which is a non-EU country can travel to EU countries. 

No More Chaos

When EU countries opened in March it created chaos as uncoordinated border closures caused traffic jams. But they are hoping that it will not happen this time. 

But, it depends on tourists if they are ready to travel this summer. As many will opt for destinations that are closer to their home. 

Greece prime minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis said, “a lot will depend on whether people feel comfortable to travel and whether we can project Greece as a safe destination.” 

Greece handled the pandemic outbreak quite well as it saw only 183 deaths. Whereas, altogether Europe has seen more than 182,000 deaths because of the coronavirus. 

Other EU Countries Opening Soon

Spain has moved forward its reopen date by 10 days for European travelers. Now it’s opening its borders on June 21. It is only allowing Germans to visit its Balearic Island for a trial run starting today. It has also waived its 14-day quarantine restriction for Germans. 

“This pilot program will help us learn a lot for what lies ahead in the coming months. We want our country, which is already known as a world-class tourist destination, to be recognized as also a secure destination,” said, Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez. 

Many countries have opened their borders. Italy opened its borders on June 3. German-Polish opens their borders on Saturday when the mayors of Goerlitz, Germany, and Zgorzelec, Poland cut through chains that had divided the towns. 

Germany, similar to France and others, is lifting remaining border checks on Monday. Anyone arriving in the country will have to prove that they have a good reason to enter. 

However, most German regions have still imposed a quarantine restriction for people arriving from Sweden. Subsequently, the number of cases of coronavirus is still very high. Similarly, Norway has not opened its long border with Sweden. 

Austria is reopening its borders on June 16 for its European neighbors. But, the country is not allowing travelers from Spain, Portugal, Sweden, and Britain to visit yet. However, in France people coming from Britain will have to self-quarantine for 14 days. 

However, Denmark is reopening for tourists from Germany, Norway, and Iceland. Moreover, people arriving from these countries will have to prove that they are staying for at least six nights.

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