EU Bans American Tourists

EU flag

As the Americans prepare to travel this summer, there is one popular region they cannot travel to. It is the European Union that had banned the Americans to visit their countries as the coronavirus cases spike in the US.

EU Shuts America

The news came in yesterday when 27 nations in the EU nations opened for tourists. But unfortunately, the US was not one of them. The list included only those nations which have controlled the outbreak of the coronavirus successfully.

EU is planning to review the ban every two weeks. This is only to make sure that the countries can be updated in the list. However, the Americans are not very keen as they are the ones out of the equation. Consequently, this could lead to a summer of disappointment for many Americans. However, the exception is for diplomats and healthcare workers.

American Airliners Taking The Blow

The situation for airlines is “unprecedented,” says Isobel Fenton, platform curator for aviation and aerospace at the World Economic Forum. “Never before has there been such comprehensive air-disconnectivity between the continents in terms of scale and duration.” Also worth noting is the fact that President Donald Trump’s ban on travelers from Europe’s Schengen Area, instituted in March, is still in effect as well.

In a year of extreme financial distress, losing out on the lucrative European summer travel season is yet another blow to airlines’ bottom lines. “U.S. carriers, and carriers globally alike, have been hemorrhaging cash for months now,” Fenton says. “So U.S. carriers will certainly suffer by not being able to meaningfully participate in the transatlantic market at the moment, but this is just one of the sources of a financial challenge for the carriers.”

Long term effects

This decision is led to a domino effect and many airlines are planning to delay their European routes till 2021. American Airline for that matter has delayed its relaunch for the flights to Europe. It’s also canceling new route launches that were to happen this year. including routes from Chicago to Budapest, Prague, and Krakow. Consequently, many of its remaining routes to Europe, like New York JFK to Barcelona and Milan, and Dallas to Rome, will not restart until next summer.

For instance, United Airlines, adding a handful of key transatlantic European flights in August.

“We’re at the worst situation right now where all the borders are closed, and if you think about it globally, almost every country’s border is closed,” Patrick Quayle, United’s vice president of international network and alliances, said on a media conference call on Wednesday. “But that has not stopped us from operating flights because there’s a lot of repatriation. What you’re seeing us add is really a very gradual build. And it’s based on the demand that exists in the market today.”

Many individuals and airlines are both waiting for the travel ban to be end soon. Business and leisure both could return to many in this difficult and overwhelming pandemic situation.

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