Etihad and El Al partnership for air travel

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Israel and UAE have made peace and normalized relations after years of trouble. This means a better scope for traveling, business, and general prosperity. The MOU signed between the countries had amicable clauses for the below areas.

  • Culture
  • Direct flights
  • Embassies
  • Energy
  • Environment
  • Healthcare
  • Investment
  • Security
  • Technology
  • Telecommunications

As per the above areas, direct flights have also been in the planning phase now. The national airlines of UAE and Israel, Etihad Airways and El Al Israel Airlines respectively will take this aviation endeavor forward.

Moreover, the new phase of this cooperation includes

  • Points earning around the globe. As well as joint code sharing between Abu Dhabi and Tel Aviv.
  • Frequent flier benefits as well as mileage earning and redemption opportunities.
  • Best practices for pilot and cabin crew training facilities.
  • Mutual help in fields of cargo services and destination management.

Gulf flights

The MOU was signed by Tony Douglas, Group Chief Executive Officer of Etihad Aviation Group, and Gonen Usishkin, Chief Executive Officer of EL AL Israel Airlines.

The CEO of El Al said “Following the normalization of diplomatic relations between Israel and the UAE, we have been provided a great opportunity to examine the possibility of cooperation with Etihad Airways. This MOU is only the start and we believe that together, the two flag carriers will be able to provide our mutual customers with the best possible product and service. Already, the common goals we have outlined speak for the success of our future cooperation.”

However, direct flights have certain implications. Firstly, El Al will lose business in flight.  Far East, Asia, and Australia will be the zones that will bear the brunt.  Secondly, the pandemic has adversely affected the Al El financial statement and this schedule might add more strain to it.

Tony Douglas, the CEO of Etihad Aviation Group was also pleased with this deal. He said, “We look forward to examining ways in which the two flag carriers – Etihad and EL AL – can work more closely together to improve business operations and enhance the experience for our guests.”

Views from people

This service will commence on 28th March 2021. Moreover, the flights will be on a daily basis.  However, the effects of this deal are still to be seen. As many commentators have stated that an alliance with Emirates might have been more lucrative.

Primarily because Emirates has more destinations and thus a higher number of passengers can come when compared with Etihad.

However, things will be clearer once the schedule commences and the pandemic subsides.

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