Emirates Puts Airbus A380 in the Air

Emirates Airlines

From next month, the airline will restart flying the biggest passenger airplane from its fleet. Emirates is the world’s biggest international airline and it is the only airline that carries most passengers between different countries. 

It is restarting its Airbus A380 services from July 15, the company tweeted on its official account. 

However, its first flight will take off for London Heathrow airport and Paris CDG from its base in Dubai. 

Meanwhile, the airline grounded its fleet of A380, which consists of 115 airplanes due to a decrease in demand from the coronavirus pandemic. However, Emirates president Sir Tim Clark said that they are making arrangements to put all of them to service. 

Current Routes of Airbus A380 

The iconic Emirates Airbus A380 will return to skies with flights to London Heathrow and Paris starting from 15 July. 

However, in summer the airline will be resuming its operations of A380 to other destinations as well. Emirates online schedule shows that many of its A380 routes will be resuming soon. 

For instance, a double-daily service to New York JFK will resume in August. Moreover, other destinations that the aircraft will be flying to in summer are Amsterdam, London Gatwick, Manchester, and Los Angeles. 

The airline’s decision to fly it’s Airbus A380 its largest operator in the world is a positive sign for the aviation industry during the summertime. 

But the future still looks bleak for the A380 in general, as the demand is still low due to the pandemic as compared to last year. 

Grounding the Airbus A380 

No matter what Emirates does with it this summer, it remains too large an aircraft for the average year-round demand on most routes. 

However, Air France is already planning to retire its entire A380 fleet. The airline is immediately ending its operations with the biggest passenger plane in the world. 

Similarly, Lufthansa has decided not to resume flying its Airbus A380 before 2022. The company is grounding its fleet of 14 Airbus A380s amid the coronavirus pandemic. 

Changes in the Onboard Experience

The onboard experience on the A380 will also be seriously affected by the coronavirus. However, Emirates has suspended all its top onboard experiences for the first-class and business class passengers. For example, the showers for first-class passengers and the bar for first and business class are now not available. 

The first-class experience on the Emirates A380 was worth splurging for before the pandemic. But now the flyers will not get the same top-class experience and lavish meals. 

Whereas, the first-class suites on some Emirates Boeing 777s are better than first class on the A380. 

Dubai Reopening for Visitors

As Emirates has started flying its A380, Dubai the base of Emirates is reopening for visitors on July 7. The country is reopening with strict conditions for visitors. With it’s Boeing 777 Emirates has resumed its services to some of its destinations around the world from this month. 

All arrivals to Dubai will have to show a medical certificate confirming they tested negative for coronavirus in the flour days prior. However, the travelers will have to take a coronavirus test on arriving in Dubai.

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