Emirates Airline to Resume Flights to Pakistan

Emirates flights

Dubai based airline will resume its scheduled passenger flights from Pakistan to Dubai by June 8. The airline suspended its operations for more than two months due to the pandemic. Civil Aviation Authority of Pakistan in late March had temporarily suspended the flights. 

Consequently, if the passengers do not meet the entry criteria requirements of the UAE government they cannot board the plane.

Flights to Three Cities of Pakistan

The airline will carry its operations in three cities Islamabad, Karachi, and Lahore. Flights from Dubai to these three cities will operate for cargo purposes only. But will also take back residents and citizens stuck in Pakistan due to no flight operations. 

There will be 14 flights per week for passengers from Pakistan to Dubai. There will be a daily flight from Karachi, five will be from Lahore and two will be from Islamabad. UAE residents that are in Pakistan will fly to Dubai along with the cargo in these flights. 

The airline said, “Emirates will fly from Karachi daily, from Islamabad on Thursday and Saturdays and from Lahore on Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays, Fridays, and Sundays. However, travelers from Pakistan will only be accepted on these flights if they comply with the eligibility and entry criteria requirements of the UAE government.” The pandemic led to a halt in operations, Emirates was operating with only limited flights to Pakistan. Only people who were stranded in Pakistan were taken back on these flights. 

Flights to Other International Destinations

The airline is also flying to nine other destinations. Its scheduled passenger flights for other destinations are Chicago, London Heathrow, Sydney, Toronto, Madrid, Milan, Frankfurt, Melbourne, and Paris. In addition, the airline plans to add 50 new destinations in June 2020.

Ensuring Safety

Emirates will ensure that its airplanes go through enhanced cleaning and disinfection processes in Dubai after every journey. Government requirements for health and safety will be a standard practice onboard. 

However, for the safety of the crew, Emirates has provided personal protective equipment that consists of a protective disposable gown over their uniforms and a safety visor, along with masks and gloves. Similarly, for following social distancing, the airline pre-allocate seat with vacant seats placed between individual passengers. 

Passengers will experience the new bento-style boxes for food and beverages. This will consist of sandwiches, beverages, snacks, and desserts, in order to minimize the contact between the passengers and crew.

Magazines and other reading materials are not available on flights for now to reduce the risk of the spread of the virus by touch. 

Passengers cannot take cabin luggage with themselves on the flight. However, only laptops, handbags, briefcases, or baby items are acceptable on the aircraft.

Mandatory Rules for Entry

Most importantly, Emirates has made it compulsory for every traveler visiting Dubai to fill a health declaration form. The passengers will have to fill and return the health declarations to the ground crew at the departure. On the other hand, before booking the flight travelers must be certain that they have the Federal Authority for Identity and citizenship approval. 

Consequently, the restrictions to entre in Dubai remain the same. The passengers will have to take a DHA test on arrival; there is a compulsion of 14-day quarantine and a follow-up test before release.

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