Disneyland at Hong Kong Reopens

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Hong Kong Disneyland officially reopened on Thursday as the country unfolds from the effects of the pandemic. As the number of coronavirus cases dropped in the Chinese territory the countries reopen for business. 

It has been five months that Disneyland had to close due to the coronavirus outbreak in late January. 

However, as compared to other big cities around the world, Hong Kong has relatively less number of coronavirus cases. It had 1,121 cases and four deaths. The borders are closed but the city is slowly reopening and life is returning to normal. 

People will have to make reservations in advance and the park management will allow only a few people to enter the park at one time. 

However, Many visitors were waiting in queue outside the park on Thursday with families and children.

Precautionary Measures 

It is important for visitors to follow social distancing. People have to maintain distance from others while in lines, at restaurants, on rides, and at shops. Moreover, the volunteers will be cleaning and disinfecting the park more frequently. 

While entering the park there will be temperature checked at the entrance of all visitors. Wearing masks inside the park at all times is mandatory, except while eating and drinking. 

Furthermore, shopping areas and dining locations are at reduced capacity. Moreover, the park is implementing social distancing measures in any queues. Hand sanitizers are available for visitors. 

No Profits 

For the past three years, Hong Kong’s Disneyland resort was reporting losses. It is a joint venture, Hong Kong International Theme Parks Ltd, in which the local government has a 53% stake and Walt Disney Co holds the rest. 

With no tourism, business for Hong Kong Disneyland is likely to remain suppressed. It will have to rely on a domestic market that was struggling with recession after months of often-violent pro-democracy protests even before the coronavirus blow. 

However, Ocean Park, city’s other theme park, also reopened on Saturday after lawmakers approved a HK$5.4 billion bailout plan last month to keep it running for another year.

However, in California and Florida Disney is planning to reopen its parks from next month. 

Disneyland Around The World 

Disney parks in North America, Asia, and Europe were closed after the spread of coronavirus. The company’s biggest international park, which is Shanghai Disneyland, reopened on May 11, as it was closed from January 24. 

Disney generates most of its revenue from its theme parks. Almost $26 billion sales accumulate from its parks, experience, and product units which is about 37% overall revenue of the company. But in the last few months, the company’s profit went down by 58% as compared to last year.

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