Disney World being asked to shut everything, including theme parks

The theme park revealed on Thursday that it would close as a precautionary measure between Sunday and the end of the month to help deter coronavirus spread. However, this plan does not cover all of the properties of Disney -such as hotels and the Disney Springs shopping center remain open at the time of writing.

Now people are asking Disney to shut all of its facilities to protect stranded visitors and staff from contamination, not just its theme parks.

On Twitter, many Disney fans and employees expressed concern that stranded parkgoers are now flocking to Disney Springs, an open shopping and dining center on Disney land. The shopping center of the Disney Springs is at risk of coronavirus contamination

It could primarily deter stranded park visitors from a social distance, as well as put Disney workers at a high risk of catching the virus, according to their tweets.

It is currently uncertain whether Disney World plans in the coming days and weeks to close Disney Springs and other Florida properties.

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