Disney World All Set to Reopen

Disney World

Disney World is all set to reopen its gates for tourists after being closed for a few months due to COVID-19.

The company plans to reopen in phases, it’s Magic Kingdom and Animal Kingdom parks will reopen on July 11. And on July 15 it will reopen EPCOT and Hollywood Studios.

There are about 70,000 people who are employed at the Disney theme park. 

Safety Measures

Disney is taking all safety measures to ensure the safety of the tourists and its workers and to prevent the virus from spreading at its parks.

  • All the employees and guests will have to wear a facemask.
  • The temperature will be checked before entering the park.
  • Few people will be allowed to go in at one time, parades, fireworks and other events that cause crowds to gather will be suspended for some time.
  • The guests will be encouraged to perform cashless transactions.
  • Hand sanitizing stations will be available for the people.

The Orange County government approved the plan but the Florida Governor Ron DeSantis and the Orange County mayor have yet to approve the plan.

Shanghai Disneyland Reopens

Disney parks in North America, Asia, and Europe were closed after the spread of coronavirus. The company’s biggest international park, which is Shanghai Disneyland, reopened on May 11, as it was closed from January 24.

Disney workers at the Shanghai park were seen everywhere, making sure families stood in the yellow boxes three feet apart. At the moment the Shanghai park is only allowing about 24,000 visitors per day, which is about 30 % of the total 80,000 visitor capacity per day.

Disney is taking online reservations with a one week time in visit dates. There has been a slight change in the audience seen at the Shanghai park in the last 2 weeks. Families and children have been substituted by young Shanghainese Couples.

A Lockdown in Profits

Disney generates most of its revenue from its theme parks. Almost $26 billion sales are generated from its parks, experience, and product units which is about 37% overall revenue of the company.

But in the last few months, the company’s profit went down by 58% as compared to last year. Disney has been affected by global travel bans and many other restrictions imposed during the COVID-19 period. This has been extremely upsetting for Disney’s high profitable theme parks.

Risks and Challenges

Reopening the Disney theme parks may seem to be a fun idea, but in reality, this comes with risks for both Disney and the public.

Maintaining costs amidst this pandemic era and operating at only a limited capacity will be challenging for Disney.

The perils of the pandemic will be the same for all Disney workers and fans. Exposure to the coronavirus may result in severe backlash for the company.

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