Disney Parks around the World and their status

Fun at Disney

Disney lovers only increase with the passage of time. People love it for their nostalgia and kids love it for the value. Disney has been a seller of fantasy and dreams forever.

Honeymooning couples, families, and retired couples one and all, love to plan a Disney visit. However, the pandemic switched gears very fast. The sudden grip of Covid-19 made it impossible for people to follow their travel itineraries, let alone plan a trip.

However, the happiest place on Earth has started to recover slowly.

The changes begin

Disney has been a great marketing leader for the world. The products, the storytelling, and themes of theme parks all have been of great importance in their history. Therefore, it was expected that they will adopt the changes as well. Each Disney theme park was shut down as the pandemic spread across continents.

The reopening of each is also planned in phases. Quite a few, additions meant for 2020 have been stalled as the parks were shut down for months.

A clear snapshot of statuses of all parks is as below

Disneyland Shanghai

Shanghai park opened on May 11. The reservation system was electronic. Social distancing and lesser visitors were the prime focus while reopening. Visitors are also responsible for carrying their green Shanghai QR health code at dining venues.

The restaurants and stores began opening on March 9th in DisneyTown. Moreover, the team and officials have been very focused on keeping regulations intact and health at a supreme pedestal while opening for visitors.

Disneyland Hong Kong

The second Disneyland to open during the pandemic was Hong Kong Disneyland. As the country was successful in curtailing the local transmissions by effective measures they opened on June 18th.

Presently, they have an under-construction part of the park as well. Frozen themed section and the Castle of Magic Dreams were incomplete before the Covid-19. The visitors have been able to view the half-done majestic additions to the Disneyland.

Disneyland Tokyo

After a four-month closure due to the conditions. Disneyland reopened on July 1st. DisneySea is also reopened. Japan started to reopen in late May. However, the entertainment has been down on the list amidst global chaos. Therefore, with plenty of regulations, social distancing, and electronic uses for park ticketing the Disney park opened up.

Disneyworld Florida

Presently Disney has worked on reopening the Magic Kingdom and the Animal Kingdom on July 11. While next in line will be Epcot and Hollywood Studios on July 15.

However, the state of Florida has yet not given a final word on the reopening. The fact remains that Florida is becoming a strong point of Covid-19 positive cases. To top it all, the union of Disneyland workers is still not completely on the same page with the company.

As of now, the status is unknown but Disney has repeatedly ensured that best regulations will be implemented. An online petition to stop the opening is trending online. Therefore there is no confirmation for the date and opening.

Disneyland California

 July 17 is the supposed date for reopening. This change of date or an announcement has still not been given a go-ahead. Therefore, as per the last report, the phased reopening would begin on July 9 with the Downtown Disney shopping and dining district. Next will be the reopening of both theme parks – Disneyland and California Adventure on July 17. Finally, the reopening of the Grand Californian Hotel & Spa and Paradise Pier Hotel will be on July 23.

Disneyland Paris

 Europe has been opening up and following social distancing in the best way. Therefore, after months of closure, Disneyland Paris will reopen on 15th July.

Like other places, Disney Hotels will keep strict policies on hotel elevators. All sightseeing will be based on prior reservations and parades and mass crowd events have been canceled for the time being.

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