Discovering Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka tales

A beautiful and green island surrounded by the Indian Ocean is a great favorite in the new and old breed of tourists. Sri Lanka is fondly called the teardrop of India. This place is dirt cheap for many first world country travelers. However, do not get mistaken as the people here are educated and progressing towards a better future, despite their troubled past. You get to see amazing changes every year in this country.

Top Attractions of Sri Lanka

  • Wildlife attraction
  • Train rides
  • Tea plantations and farms
  • Beach life
  • Lush lands and hikes
  • Yoga retreats

So if you have a week to explore Sri Lanka you have plenty on your To-Do list for exploration and relaxation. Let’s start with frequent and must-see places.


The ancient city of Polonnaruwa in Central Sri Lanka is a must-see place to understand how the civilizations lived earlier. The Buddhist legacy can be better understood here.

The giant rock carvings of the standing and reclining Buddha spellbind the tourists. This ancient city is a UNESCO declared World Heritage Site. The Gal Vihara is a lovely art lover’s place to view such gigantic carvings.

Quadrangle is another ruin in the area that depicts the royal archeologist structures for the tourists. The ruins have beautiful stairs, carvings that depict the royalty of the era bygone.

Sri Lanka has more tourist influx in the southern part due to the beaches hikes and ruins. Therefore, our more discussed places are in the central and southern region.


This city is a UNESCO heritage site. It was the first ancient capital of Sri Lanka. It is obvious that it was a center of power, money, and politics for a long period. Buddhists must visit this place to learn more about their rituals.

The dagobas are huge places of worship and tourism for people.  The  Abhayagiri Monastery is famous for its huge dagoba and architecture. Once a center of many religious happenings now, it is more of a historical site that people visit.

Ruvanvelisaya Dagoba is a pristine white structure, famous for its beauty and planning. The outside wall is carved with almost 344 elephants. Monks for centuries have found this place to be of immense importance and pilgrims as well as tourists both visit here to look and marvel at the civilization of people who believed in love.


Kandy is a much-visited city of Srilanka both by Buddhists and tourists. Most people prefer to come here by train as the ride is supremely memorable and beautiful. The train passes through amazing green land and the travelers get amazing sight for many hours. There is a lot to explore and see in this city. Go to the Pinnawala Elephant Orphanage and spend the best time with elephants that need your love and care.

One must also visit the Temple of Tooth Relic. It is said that the tooth of Lord Buddha is enshrined here. However, devotees have more places such as World Buddhist Museum, Audience Hall, and Alut Maligawa to explore and see. Hulu river waterfall is a sight for nature lovers. Click pictures or stay near the clean river and enjoy your picnic.

Knuckles range is one great place to trek. Your apetite for adventure travel, hike and camp along with seeing exotic wild animals will be easily fulfilled.

Cricket lovers know that Sri Lanka lovees cricket. So if you are a lover of this sport, make sure to visit Pallekele Cricket Stadium.

Cave temples

If you get to Dambulla, you have one amazing piece of Buddhist history waiting to be seen by you. In case you are a Buddhist, this will mean more like a pilgrimage. However, as a tourist and a wanderer this cave is a beauty in its own right.

Predominantly the most famous statues are in the 5 out of the total 80 caves. You get to see about 150 bedazzling Buddha statues as well as murals and paintings. This cave was first a refuge for an ousted king, who upon regaining his throne got the cave changed into a beautiful temple. Later on, more kings paid their tribute by adding the paintings to the cave.

 The beaches and other sanctuaries deserve a whole other post from Team Travel Jin as our stories are more hilarious. We will come back with another part of the beaches and our fun there.

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