Discovering British Columbia

Happening Vancouver

My reason to visit Canada was a simple one I was impressed by Justin Trudeau and had a Linkedin connection meeting as well. I booked my flight from New York to Toronto with Travel Jin and landed in beautiful Canada. It is my neighbor country and my experience was pretty good in this country. After a successful meeting as I was sitting on lazy Friday my new connection, Jeff suggested me to spend my weekend exploring British Columbia and its ranges.

The air travel was easy and I landed at Vancouver International Airport. However, my weekend was well spent in the western province of this country and though I wish I had stayed longer. This short stay was also amazing as I just explored the places. I have penned a few of my favorite ones here.

Yoho National Park

It is relatively smallest of the national parks however a beautiful one.  The ice-capped Canadian Rockies are a part of Yoho National park. So looking at the beautiful mountain range, taking a small hike for some good me time or looking at the beautiful waterfalls is truly therauptic. Takakkaw Falls, Wapta Falls are a sight that can mesmerize anyone. So make sure that you see this wonderful park. This place was worth the drive from Vancouver.

Capilano Suspension Bridge

 The walk on this one was amazing. However, if you have a height phobia then pop a pill and relax. Do try to see the city and cliffs from this bridge.  This bridge is roughly 40 minutes away from Vancouver. Also, there is a free year-round shuttle bus from downtown.

The bridge is very safe to walk on with its sturdy steel cables embedded in concrete.  One can enjoy the amazing Capilano River view. Also if the season is good, that is not ice cold you can check out the historic exhibits.  Enjoy the nature trails on the other side of the bridge. This walk is surely one to remember on the wobbly bridge.  

Do not forget to buy trinkets from the souvenir shop for First Nations artworks.

Stanley Park

Any trip to Vancouver is incomplete without a trip to this park. One can sit here, read the books, or enjoy a cycle ride with the cycling groups.  Make sure to take good pictures with the Totem poles or other statues erected around.

Museum of Anthropology

This is another beautiful place to be easily experienced in Vancouver. This museum is house to the first people in this western coast. But they have gathered great pieces from around the world. From Sri Lanka to the coolest ceramic pieces of the European countries. If you have the love for history and previous civilizations of the world, this is the place to be.

Pacific Rim National Park Reserve

Since more time was spent in Vancouver and adjoining areas, the travel piece is more about the places in this city. My love for beaches took me there. The trails were beautiful and a great place for nature lovers. However, my interest was just chilling at Long Beach and typing away my last presentation bits which I did easily while chilling at a clean nice beach.

Granville Island

This is the place that must be seen when visiting Vancouver.  Do all your shopping, partying, and rounds of great booze here. Just five minutes of drive time and this center of the city has everything that we want. Personally I was around doing great shopping for my nieces at the Kids Market and some chilling around at café where there was a stand-up comedy routine going on. They have some sort of stint or comedy gig going on daily – yay for all those who get good fun any day they walk in.

VanDusen Botanical Garden

The metropolitan lifestyle detox was a must. Therefore, a visit to this piece of heaven was a true delight. I walked through the maze, took a million pictures in the sunny afternoon, and then relaxed with great food from the café. Also, for all my work friends, I got cute office table gifts from the gift shop. My Sunday afternoon was relaxing closer to nature and very pure.

The time flew by and I could not even complete the whole British Columbia sightseeing plan. Let’s be real three days for this wonderful part is unfair. So off I went back to New York but I am sure I am returning back to discover more of this amazing province apart from so many unseen places in Vancouver.

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