Delta, Southwest and American Airlines slash food service

US Airlines

Delta Airlines, Southwest and American Airlines have all reported of cutting the beverage and food service as a means of cutting costs and reducing the amount of items to be handled by the flight attendants.

The changes, which appeared unimaginable only a few weeks ago, are the latest improvement for the beleaguered industry that has struggled with plummeting profits, surprisingly empty flights, and the need for government assistance just to survive the year. Many in the industry are pressing for the immediate termination of domestic flight operations.

Delta Airlines cuts the number of snack options to two, supplying its first-class travelers with packed meals and completely eliminating alcoholic drinks for everyone and only bottled water can be ordered. The only drink that can be ordered is bottled water. The improvements are in addition to removing first-class glassware and hot towels.

Southwest Airlines hasdiscontinued beverage and snack service from Wednesday to “limit near public interactions” between customers and their staff. Canned water will be made accessible upon request.

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