Delta Initiates Contact Tracing for Fliers

USA airlines

The aviation industry has now taken the task of offering the best solution to the problems created by the pandemic. in this race, Delta has gone a mile ahead. As it is the first airline in the US to offer contact tracing for passengers is none other than, Delta Airlines.

CDC and Delta Partnership

This endeavor is a joint venture by CDC and Delta. However, the main motive is to find and identify a customer of potential covid exposure and minimize the chances of spreading the virus further.

This program begins on the 15th of December in a limited capacity. Delta is working in close collaboration with nine global airline partners. Furthermore, there are government agencies, aviation, and health officers involved.

Delta will gather the follwoing infromation from the international travelers.

  • Full name
  • Email address
  • Staying address in the US
  • Primary phone number
  • Secondary phone number

The information cycle

The flow of data will be simple. First of all, the airline will always pass information to CDC. Then upon identifying a case CDC will access information of neighbor passengers of the positive flier. This means two seats around the positive case seat. These passengers will be informed.

Consequently, this information will be passed to the health departments for further investigation. Furthermore, it is expected that this model can be used by other airlines. As it will attract customer confidence in flying.

Moreover, customers can voluntarily become a part of contact tracing by:

  • Flying on a Delta flight
  • Any US citizen heading back to US

The change

Although this step is positive, it came after months of delay. As previously federal health officials and airlines were not taking responsibility for passenger information collection.

Bill Lentsch, Delta’s chief customer experience officer, said “Contact tracing adds another layer of assurance for customers.” Moreover, it is seen that airlines have tried to come up with solutions in the absence of government policies.

There are talks of United and American Airlines will follow the pattern soon. However, this means a lot of work for airlines. As the program collection database will get reprogrammed with the airline’s systems.

Delta shows customer care

Despite tough times for the industry Delta has been caring for its fliers. Initially, they started with blocking middle seats for the safety of fliers. Moreover, their strong mask policy was quite strict and followed for their fliers. Moreover, Delta also introduced the Trans Atlantic Covid testing program. This exempted the passengers from quarantine restrictions in Italy upon arrival.

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