Delaware Coronavirus Quarantine Requirements

Delaware Gov. John Carney has ordered all out-of-state visitors to observe self-quarantine for 14 days. It also applies to anyone who arrived in Delaware 14 days before 30 March but does not apply to travelers passing through the state.

The state of emergency amendment requires Delaware law enforcement officers to block cars with out-of-state plates.

Following are the self-quarantine requirements for out-of-state travellers to enter Delaware:

  • Motorists can travel to other states via Delaware.
  • For a Delaware designated essential business, motorists may leave their home state to travel to Delaware State. Motorists from other states can also travel to Delaware state in order to take care of a family member living in Delaware, or for medical reasons in Delaware.
  • Out-of-State professionals who work for an essential business in Delaware but could otherwise operate from home must remain at home and avoid traveling unless required.

Delaware currently has 393 cases of COVID-19, according to Delaware Health and Social Services. It makes it one of the states with the lowest cases of coronavirus in the United States. Twelve people in the Delaware state have died of COVID-19.

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