Croatia Reopens For US Tourists

Beaches in Croatia
Croatia becomes the first EU country to reopen for American tourists

On Friday, the Croatian Ministry of Interior announced that the country is reopening for international tourists from around the world including the United States.

However, the EU has banned countries with a high number of coronavirus cases and the US is one of them. The EU has published a list of safe countries whose citizens may travel throughout the EU.

Requirements for Entering the Country

Visitors that are going to Croatia will have to show negative COVID-19 test results on arrival. The test must be taken within 48 hours of arrival. Anyone who does not have a negative test result will have to self-quarantine for 14 days.

They also have to show proof of accommodation. Moreover, visitors need to complete a travel registration prior to arrival and mention their reason for the visit to Croatia. 

However, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is recommending all countries to avoid all nonessential international travel during this time. Croatia is the first country in the European Union to allow US tourists. 

However, the EU announced in June that it is banning American travelers. It reopened its borders for 15 countries for nonessential travel from July 1. Unfortunately, the US was not included in the list due to increasing coronavirus cases. 

However, Croatia had recorded 3,775 confirmed coronavirus cases. The number of deaths in the country is 119.

Tourism Affected 

Croatia is becoming famous among the tourists and millions of tourists visit the country during the summer season. Last year the country saw 21 million tourists coming in. But this year due to the pandemic, there is barely one-third of what the country experiences in terms of visitors at this time of year. 

However, Plitvice Lakes National Park and Diocletian’s Palace would typically be teeming with tourists at this time of year. 

However, All the things and activities that usually bring millions of people in the country such as cruise ships, coaches full of day-trippers, massive outdoor music festivals will not be happening this summer.

At the start of the pandemic, Croatia imposed a strict lockdown and closed its borders for international travel. The country started to ease its lockdown restrictions on April 27. The restaurant, hotels, parks, and tourist destinations are open. However, tourists and residents must wear masks and keep 6 feet distance in public places.

The US travelers who want to visit Croatia must visit the website of the US Embassy in Croatia as it keeps changing the rules and restrictions to enter the country.

Secondly, travelers must also check the guidelines and recommendations provided by the CDC in the Global COVID-19 Pandemic Notice.

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