Coronavirus: Amtrak responds with strict protocols

In response to the coronavirus threat, Amtrak is stepping up its cleaning procedure for trains and stations and waiving reservation change fees until the end of April.

Amtrak says it plans to ramp up the frequency of cleaning on trains and stations and increase the use of sanitizers to scrub handrails, doorknobs, handles, and toilets.

Additional antibacterial products, including disinfectants and towels, are to be given at stations, trains and work areas for employees. Amtrak has also vowed to upgrade glove, antibacterial, and bathroom soap stocks, and to provide posters and instructional videos on how to reduce the risks.

“Safety for travelers and staff is the highest priority at Amtrak.  We continue to closely monitor the Coronavirus situation in the U.S. and elsewhere.  To maintain awareness of the latest information, our medical, public health, and emergency management teams are in touch with the relevant authorities through our network. To date, we have had no confirmed cases of passenger or employee exposure.”, according to Amtrak in their recent press release.

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