Competitive Prices For Rail Routes Connecting Three Routes

Traveling by train

A rail route between Budapest to Vienna is selling tickets for just €9 (£8).

Czech train operator RegioJet introduced new routes this summer. That will connect the historic cities of Vienna and Prague to Budapest. However, this means that travelers can take a tour of all three popular city-break destinations for little more than £30.

The journey between Budapest and Vienna takes just two hours and 45 minutes. Whereas, Prague to Budapest service takes seven hours and costs €16 (£14).

An already existing service connecting Prague to Vienna is also available. And its ticket price starts at €12 (£10).

However, the rail services suspended this route in March due to the coronavirus pandemic. But they have resumed this route recently.

While a plane journey between Prague and Budapest takes just over an hour.

However, travelers who are concerned about their carbon emissions can also rest easier in their seats. A benefit that RegioJet owner Radim Jančura hopes will appeal to many.

In an interview, he said, “Especially [for the] young generation, they would like to be more ecological. So it means they will prefer to travel by train if the traveling time is four to six hours.”

Low Ticket Price

Moreover, RegioJet trains have wifi services available in all its m carriages. It has built-in touchscreens and food service and is famous among the students for their low prices.

These very reasonable tickets are not currently available for American travelers. But European residents can purchase these with immediate effect.

Rail Services Over Air Travel

However, airlines are struggling to attract the people back to fly with them. They are also coming up with different benefits and perks and making their policies flexible. Therefore, many rail operators are keen to attract air-averse customers to travel by train.

A report by UBS bank published earlier this year argued that the coronavirus pandemic could result in a major shift of passengers from air to rail, supercharging growth across the rail network over the next 10 years.

As consumers and governments became more aware of the climate emergency, UBS’ calculations reveal that travelers are also more tolerant of longer rail journeys.

“We, therefore, expect an acceleration in the shift from planes to high-speed rail in both Europe and China,” it concluded.

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Traveling by train
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