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Baku has been a famous spot for tourists- family and single party lovers alike. We have shared earlier, that sights in Baku are a pure combination of ancient relics and modern wonders. But the city is so wonderful that many of its wonders were left. The ones we will discuss now.

If you are a lover of Venice and relish your gondola and boat rides spent in Venice, then Baku has a great treat for you. One such tourist spot deserves undivided attention for our readers the mini Venice of Baku.

Venetian Town

This was built in 1960. This unique experience lies in the Baku boulevard. Presently, Mini Venice constitutes of various islands that are connected by beautiful bridges. The efforts of this manmade canal must be lauded. As this is one major tourist attraction of Baku.

The ticket booth is at the main entrance side while you look at the cool blue river water and see boats coming and going. The queue of people waiting to experience their share of Italy shows what a favorite spot it is amongst visitors.

The man built islands in the whole ride provide the much-needed beauty of nature in this experience.  In the year 2012, the canals were expanded to 10,000 square meters. The ride under the bridges transports the rider straight to Venice.


Food in Azerbaijan is always great. Their hospitality has been of much fame. Thus, the restaurant in the canal area is the best attraction. Multiple arch-shaped restaurants serve great food.

Venzia Lounge and dining and Agora club are famous eating places in little Venice.

No visit is complete without a dose of great natural outdoors. Baku has a great climate, ranging from summers to winters. The lush green parks only add to its beauty. A few great parks that are great for a picnic in Baku are shared with our readers.

Baku Boulevard

The best hang out place to be a local while touring. This pedestrianized area runs parallel to the Caspian Sea. You get to see many youngsters hanging out. Not only you absorb their real culture you also get to see gardens, fountains, Mini-Venice, and the Baku Eye.

Upland Park

This is another favorite spot for locals. The best green environment, a vantage point of top view makes the climb of some 200 plus steps a real satisfaction for the park visitors. As one can view the whole city and enjoy peaceful sunsets away from every day worries.

Central Botanical Garden

Nature lovers will love this spot. Not only, has it provided a change of view from the insanely different and modern buildings, but it also gives a glimpse of how in the 16-hectare park over 2000 varieties of flowers, shrubs, and plants. These include foreign plants as well as endemic ones.   

Zabitler Park

The greenest park of many in the city, this one commemorates the sacrifice and martyrdom of soldiers of WWII. Many statues and sculptures of famous Azerbaijanis are placed in the park that is lined with trees, flowers. The children’s play area provides a perfect spot for families to enjoy and chill.

Baku is a place that has a lot to offer. It has ancient sites, modern architecture, and some soothing and manmade parks that add beauty to Baku. We will spill details of Baku’s nightlife in another post.

Till then you may check out your flight details for this magical city.

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