Cleaning Robots at Heathrow Airport

Lonely at the airport

Heathrow Airport is taking all possible safety measures to make the travelers feel safe. So they can return to air travel and the UK is easing its lockdown restrictions.

However, the airport is using ultraviolet cleaning robots to keep its area clear and virus free.

Highly Efficient Robots

The airport said to kill the viruses and bacteria by using the machines. This machine uses UV rays to kill viruses and bacteria at night. Moreover, it continuously disinfect moving handrails, and coating surfaces such as security trays, lift buttons, and trolley handles.

It comes as about 100 airport workers are being retrained to serve as hygiene technicians to boost cleaning and answer passenger queries on the methods being used.

However, Heathrow airport was previously using screens in security areas and in some shops. It made it mandatory for passengers to wear face coverings and created one-way systems.

Less Travelers

Last month, the traffic at the airport was down by 95 percent as compared to the same time in June 2019. About 350,000 people traveled through the airport last month. Due to coronavirus pandemic not many people are traveling and demand for air travel is low.

As the UK implemented a quarantine policy at the start of June. Since then the number of international arrivals is causing a 10% fall in the number of travelers.

“An exit plan is now more critical than ever as long-haul flights remain grounded. And more jobs continue to be put at risk in an industry crucial to rebuilding the UK economy,” an official warned.

The UK had lifted the 14-day quarantine requirement for people returning to or visiting the UK from around 73 countries.

However, travelers that come from countries not on the list of safe countries can avoid the 14-day quarantine restriction. If they pass a coronavirus test on arrival.

Chief executive John Holland-Kaye said: “We have reviewed the entire Heathrow Airport experience to ensure that our passengers and colleagues are kept safe as travel resumes to ‘green’ and ‘amber’ countries.”

“Now we need the Government to safely restore Britain’s long-haul connections. As the country prepares for life outside the EU, with common international standards for COVID testing from ‘red’ countries.”

Criticism on Heathrow’s policy

However, other airports were criticizing Heathrow for having less COVID security screening. As other major airports around the world were more strictly following the screening measures. However, it called for more so-called “travel corridors”, where the UK agrees reciprocal agreements to allow quarantine-free travel with countries.

Calling for the UK to take a lead on standardizing testing procedures at airports. It said, “Heathrow urges government to act faster on establishing Common International Standards that would allow safer travel to critical trading routes.”

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