Cities with the best street food

Discovering street foods

Travel brings many joys and exposes us to different cultures. We get to learn about history, languages and people’s general behavior after visiting a country. However, one thing that makes a country quite famous or memorable for people is the food!

The tacos, kebabs, quinoa all instantly transport us mentally to their place of origin. Such is the magic of food. So in case you are an epicure and take hours to decide your travel plan based on food options, this will help you!

We have a list of cities whose street food is a must-have for all.


Beautiful Italy is amazing for food. However, most people just shrink its fame and glory down to a pizza and gelato. But there are more things to eat on the streets in Rome. One has the delicious suppli to eat or a Baccala devoured in minutes while going around the beautiful churches of the city. Pizza Al Tagilo, Trapizzino, and the delicious seafood variety on the street food menu are enough to make you salivate.

The breakfast and coffee on a street-side café can be polished off in minutes for the baking in this country is unmatched. The different spaghettis in pure herbal concoctions are what you can eat at a fraction of the price that high-end eateries charge. There are special places for each variety of food but one can simply hang out at Mercato Centrale and find all variety.


The sun, sea, and sand are here. Moreover, there is fruits, noodles, and crazy Thai food here. Although, the wet markets are slowly becoming a thing of the past due to health issues. Yet, there is a great variety of fruit salads that street carts offer. The delicious papaya salad is a must at almost every nook. Also, the delicious pad thai, spring rolls, pla pao, and so many more exotic seafood make the food on the streets a memorable experience in Bangkok. So say hello to the heaven of noodles, curries and be fearless for each street will have some form of food around for you.

Mexico city

Tacos are known to all. But the real Mexican flavor of food is only known to those who have visited the city. It is an explosion of ingredients, flavors, and tastes for anyone. There is unlimited variety within each food.

Tostadas, tamales, churros, flauta, burritos, quessadilas – you get all at the roadside carts. Forget what you ate in the oh-so lavish restaurant back at home. The real deal is the street food of Mexico. You get to experience the best food party in the downtown area. 


One of the most talked-about and travel lusted cities of the world is known for its high style of living. The rooftop bars, the elusive party lifestyle is synonymous with Tokyo. However, what many don’t know is that the street food of Tokyo is equally great. Sushi, hot ramen bowls, udon noodles, or takoyaki (octopus stuffed in dough balls) all are delicious Japanese treats. Try a trip to the Tsukiji market for some great seafood and fresh grilled ingredients coming your way.


One of the top expensive cities in the world scares many people when they think of travel to Singapore. However, in reality, Singapore can be seen on a budget. One can easily ditch expensive restraints for street food. The best part unlike the notion of street food being dirty, Singapore’s food is very hygienic and clean. No issues to think about an upset stomach!

Most of the street food is moved to government-regulated spaces to ensure better hygiene. There are unending stalls at the Chinatown Food Centre, Chomp Chomp Food Centre, Muslim Market, and many more places that serve authentic Malay, Indian, and Chinese cuisines.

We shared our top five places with the best street food, but hang in there! Our team will share more street food cities on the watch list for the readers.

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