Cities built on Ancient ruins

Modern city over the ancient remians

Nobody knows how old the world is! People speculate based on many things. However, scientists and researchers find the relics of the past. Further, they try to gauge how old this world has been in terms of having on this planet.

However, in a few cases, we also see that complete cities have been discovered with many artifacts well preserved. While we get to read about them in books, religious scriptures, or in hidden messages on stones.

The world may not be Westeros and lived like Game of Thrones. But certainly, we have had our share of medieval ages, people taming dinosaurs and more of those things.

So our top selected cities that have been built on ancient ruins are in no particular order. However, all of them have a major chunk of the population resides, and like other parts of the world they are using all technologies and open to tourists and travelers, unlike secluded communities.


The Middle East, is no wonder loaded with places of historical, cultural, and religious significance. This city is said to be 7000 years old. Graves of prophets and old tombs are a testament to the fact that this place is supremely old. However, the ancient city’s adjoining areas are equally old, ancient, and now populous as well.

The mention of this holy land in three Abrahamic faith and books is evident. Wailing wall, rocking stone, and the church of the Holy Sepulcher are also in this holy strip.

Mexico City

Mexico City

The commercial center, Mexico city is not only the capital of this country but a city literally built over the ancient ruins. They have still well preserved their history and use  Zocalo, or central plaza, as the main city center or heart of the city for various businesses. This is similar to the era of the Aztec city of Tenochtitlan.

This place was existent in the era of Tenochtitlan. One such excavated site is The Templo Mayor that dates back to the pre-Columbian Aztec Empire. This was the temple, where they offered sacrifices and worshipped Aztec gods.

The temple is believed to be constructed at the spot where the Aztecs saw their symbolic eagle perching on a cactus with a snake


The Greek philosophers and society gave us unprecedented learning in the fields of science, astronomy, arts, and philosophy. Athens is an emerging seaport, with many thriving businesses. Banking, fishing, and other major industries are booming. So at one end, you see their modern architecture and at another end, you have Acropolis, the Parthenon, the famous ancient Greek temple ever, which is visible from any part of Athens. Theatre of Herodes Atticus is still used for musical performances. One can only imagine their level of architecture as it was built in 161 AD.

Athens has many ancient places such as Ancient Agora, Temple of Olympian Zeus, Temple of Sounion, Arch of Hadrian and so many other places. This makes you wonder what rich city this must have been centuries ago.


They say Rome was not built in a day. The present day Rome is built over layers of previous civilizations that have flourished, destroyed and risen again.

There is the Colosseum, that may be seen in the images a million times. However, one realizes its real grandness when seen in reality. Visit the Pantheon, with free entry, a perfectly preserved building when compared to its old age. Also, a reflection of pagan gods worshipping styles of the bygone eras. The Spanish Steps, Saint Peters Basilica, and the Vatican Museums are all parts of history. All these places should be seen to assess what glorious ages of Christianity and previous religions have been in Rome. Their power and might are all visible with the kind of architecture they have.

The underground city of Rome is a complete world on its own.  Ever since the 20th-century, many construction diggings have ended up in excavation of artifacts, secret churches, proper alleys, and pathways of an old city. The Basilica of Santa Cecilia in Trastevere is built on the remains of a grand house. It is believed that it might have belonged to one of Rome’s most famous senatorial families.

The underground basement of Colosseum is another evidence of a complete underground city that was their place of work. They had their means of technology to work underground.

Basilica of San Clemente has underground remains of another church built in the 4th century. Fear of persecution, move to hide and effects of war and rampage all have rolled the previous cities below the Earth. Archaeologists are still studying Rome. They are trying to find more history from the underground city.


This city is the capital of Shaanxi Province in China. Xi’an was a center of power 3000 years back! The people of Xi’an initiated business and exchange via Silk Road. Tang Dynasty ruled this city. They were one of the most powerful ones at that time.

Presently, this city is a center of the educational and industrial movement. But the tourists come here to visit the historical places that look very different from its current landscape of high rise buildings and technological outlook.

The Terracotta Army which is a collection of army sculptures is a work of great art. The funerary art, discovered in 1974 was a part of their culture to protect their emperor in his afterlife. It is a major work of art and devotion to their rulers.

Xi’an City Wall, built in the year 1370. It is another great part of the ancient city. Also, it guides as to how intelligent this nation was in making their defense strong. The wall is approximately 8.5 miles long. People come here to see how this ancient part is well preserved by the government and its people.

Life on this planet has evolved. We see how history gets buried but time and again shows us its face and keeps us wondering about the beauty of this world.

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